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Starting today April 14th


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Hi everyone,

I am starting today.  I am excited.  I have been eating pretty much like this for awhile.  (No grains, and no sugar).  But I tend to cheat regularily!  When I do get a stretch of time without cheating I feel really good.  (Mentally and physically).  I am looking forward to that.  I am also really looking forward to connecting to others who are doing the same thing.  I think the support we give and receive will really help me!  It already has.  Day #30... Here I come!!!! :) Steph

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Hi Steph!


I started yesterday too! I have been doing no grains and no dairy as much as possible but I tend to cheat, especially on weekends around my husband's family because they are not health conscious at all.I am glad I found someone who started on the same day as me!


How was your first day?



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Hi Brittany,

Yay! I'm glad you responded to my post!  Thank you.  I'd love to check in from time to time and help support each other.  Accountability is GOOD!  My goal is momentum!  I read somewhere lately that it is a million times easier to continue a (good) habit, than it is to start it up.  So true!  I know this from experience.  Its just hard for me sometimes to stick with things long enough to get the momentum going.  But I am determined to do this 30 days! (29 now lol). 

My first day went good.  I felt good, I slept good, and my food tasted awesome! 

I too had been avoiding dairy. 

But I did miss almond milk in my coffee this morning.  Not a big deal though!

How was your first day?  How are you doing today?

 All the best!



PS  Thank you ninadude! :)

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Hi Steph,


Yes, accountability is good! 


My first and second days were "easy" no real cravings, my issue yesterday was lack of planning and running around after work so I didn't eat until about 8pm which is late for me but I just did sauteed shrimp in ghee and garlic and some broccoli, simple, filling, and healthy!


I use coconut milk in my coffee, but I typically only drink about 1 cup a week. I take 1/4 cup whole fat coconut milk from a can, 1 tsp coconut oil, cinnamon and 8 oz of coffee and blend together to create a latte type drink. Does the job!


Yesterday and today I have had incredible headaches, which I have read is common. Are you getting the 30 day newsletter that you can subscribe to for while doing the program? I am and so far they have been helpful because they give hints and tips and let you know what you're feeling is normal.


How are you feeling? 


Talk soon!



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