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Starting my second Whole30


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I completed my first Whole30  March 10th - April 8th. I was successful, lost inches, felt better, sleeping better etc. I have a lot of health issues and feel that I am addicted to sugar. Once the whole30 was complete it didn't take long for me to have dairy and sugar and crave it more and more. I feel horrible, my intestines are upset and I don't want to ruin all of the good I have done for myself.

So I start my second Whole30 Tuesday April 15th.

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Hello oceanrn!


Bravo to your on your completion of W30 #1!   :D


I too finished my first W30 around the same time that you

finished yours and I also chose to go another round.  This

one for me is a whole 40.


Today is my day 3/40, so we've got a pretty close time line.  

I'll definitely be checking in to see how you are doing.  


Wishing you the best!!!!

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