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Does it look like my food is on track?

Renee Kosowan

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Hi Everyone, Today was my first full official day and I would love some feedback to see if I am on the right track. I would love to hear any criticism about my food diary as I know it could use some tweaks and I would like to get as much out of this as possible.

ps. I am 29 year old female 5'5" 127lbs looking to lose some 'chub' to show some of the muscles I am building.

I did a 51minute speed pyramid workout today on the treadmill. (Averaging 6.75mph)


-6 egg whites

-1 slice of red onion

-Black coffee


-1/4 avocado w/Salt & Pepper


-Mixed Greens

-3/4 Avocado

-1 tablespoon EVOO & 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

-3 Whole 30 Southwestern Meatballs



-4 Whole 30 Southwestern Meatballs

-1 cup raw broccoli

-1 cup raw cauliflower

-23 almonds (1 oz)

-7 Dried Apricots


-Black coffee at 3pm

Water Intake: 76oz

Thank you very much for your assistance.


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Your portions sound good from what I can tell.

Go ahead and eat whole eggs and not just the whites. There is a lot of good nutrition in the yolks that you forfeit by eating just the whites.

Many people eat too many nuts and too much dried fruit because they are easy and portable. Therefore, I generally recommend against including them in your meals as one more "side dish." I prefer to see nuts and dried fruit used in cooking as an ingredient. Besides, nuts and fruit are relatively light in nutrition compared to meat and veggies.

Some people find digesting raw broccoli and cauliflower more challenging than cooked. If you experience any difficulty, you might think about steaming or stir-frying yours.

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Thank you!

I ate egg whites because we used up the remainder of the eggs we had already hard boiled and I knew the BF would need to take 2-3 for his breakfast yesterday morning. (Hardboiled more for today so we are all good!) He is really struggling with protein in the morning so I wanted to make sure he had the HBEs and I would make due with the egg whites.

You are 110% correct about the nuts and dried fruit. I normally stay away from dried fruit but I needed more food on my way to my clients.

I am realizing how much food you need to have prepared to go with you at any given time. This weekend will be a lot of prep work!

We had portioned out some veggies, and made ahead some meatballs. But I think some massive amounts of chopping and batch cooking need to happen to make this work while working 2 jobs.

Do you think the 23 almonds were too much for one serving?

I know I could have gone without the 3rd serving of fruit for the first day. I will cut back to 1-2 as many days as possible from here on.

I think you were right about the Broc/Cauliflower. My tummy is pretty gurgly this morning and I was worried throughout my 2 client appointments last night because of the noise it was making.

Thank you again for your help.

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Renee don't be afraid of fat! Drizzle some olive oil over your steamed veggies, make some mayo & use that for salad dressing with other spices. I cook most things in coconut oil :) The fat is going to keep you satisfied between meals. Have you thought about adding a hunk of meat to your breakfasts? You say your BF is struggling with that, some days, I just eat sautéed veggies & meat leftover from dinner the night before.

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Definitely watch the fruit consumption (as you already mentioned). That is my big weakness, especially at breakfast. I did a previous Whole 30 and realized I relied way too much on fruit as my morning carb. My goal this time around is veggies at every breakfast. You want veggies to be the primary carb taking up all the room on your plate and maybe just a small fist-sized portion of fruit on the side.

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Thank you! Always great to have a veteran look at your food and let you know where you stand.

Today is 0 fruit day. I had sweet potatoes for breakfast this morning and so far no sugar cravings! I just need to make more veggies that are ready to eat as easily as fruit is.

Thank you again for the support.


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