Whole30 Reintro - what to look for?


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Hi All,


I am starting my reintro tomorrow and have decided to start with dairy since it's what I missed the most, but also what I was most curious about, in terms of suspect sensitivities.


What sorts of reactions will I be looking for? Will there be different reactions for different groups of foods, or how paranoid should I really be? I mean, I still break out with hormonal changes throughout the month, but not nearly as bad as I used to before Whole30. So, I'm going to need a stronger argument than that to tell me if something isn't agreeable. But I'd like some guidance on what I should be on the lookout for, if anyone can help. I just don't want to mess up this next phase! :)


Thanks, in advance!!

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In general, notice any physical or psychological changes.  On the physical side, possible examples are bloating, digestive disruption, stomach ache, headache, congestion, brain fog.  On the psychological side, does eating a certain food cause cravings for other non-healthy foods? Does eating a certain food impact your emotions?

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