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bumming about dairy


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Tried reintroducing dairy yesterday.


2 small slices of raw milk cheddar with breakfast.  Half and half in my coffee twice in the morning.


2 slices of cheese again at lunch.


About two hours after eating lunch, got horrible gas pains in my lower gut.  These lasted for 4-5 hours.


Hoping that it was something else I ate (namely fresh green beans at lunch), I tried again today, and just had half and half once in the morning and once after lunch.  Once again about two hours after ingesting it, horrible gas pains again.  No other symptoms.


I am thinking it's 99.9% certain that I can't ever eat dairy again unless I want a tummy ache?  Am I correct?


It's weird, I never had gas before when I had dairy, why now?  I know I had a lot of heartburn in the old days before Whole30, but never gas.


I am so bummed about not ever having dairy again.  I don't miss grains, legumes or added sugar at all, but I do miss creamer in my coffee and cheese.  I guess the bright side is I won't ever overeat cheese again. lol

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We reintroduce after the W30 because it changes us to the point that we can be acutely aware of what is toxic to us in ways that we couldn't when we were bombarding our bodies with various inflammatory and toxic foods.


It's not that you can't ever have dairy again. You'll just have to do it deliberately, sparingly, and expect the consequences. Congratulations on figuring that out!

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Over a number of different reintros, I've discovered that for me, it's the casein.  That means that I can eat butter or heavy cream, but greek yogurt, cheese or even milk and/or halfnhalf are painful for me.


I can make my own super-duper premium ice cream using heavy cream if I really want it (which I don't...but it's nice to know I have an alternative) but regular ice cream is out.  Oddly enough, I'm OK with it now that I know what is causing the issue.  And I'm OK missing out on cheese now too (even though I did mourn that loss for awhile).


You may have luck with heavy cream since it's mostly just fat anyway.

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Sarah Ballantyne from ThePaleoMom and author of The Paleo Approach (the AIP bible) puts the order of least-likely to most-likely problematic dairy foods as follows :


- ghee

- grass fed butter

- grass fed raw cream

- fermented grass-fed dairy (yogurt, kefir)

- "other dairy products (e.g. grass-fed whole milk and cheese)


Personally, I'd test all the "other dairy products" separately, along with testing for conventional butter/cream too.  I have successfully reintroduced raw milk grass fed butter so far. Kefir will probably be next, and might jump over cream since I'm trying to lose weight and don't want the temptation of a big container of high-quality cream around right now!

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