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Leeann's first whole 30


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I'm on day two. And I'm tired and miserable and I just want some Chinese food. Sorry to vent.

I am cranky at day two. I'm concerned about how the other days are going to go. I need to find a new plan for breakfast because the thought of eggs makes me want to gag.

I do not have a good relationship with food. I knew it before I started but it is very apparent now.

I am also really achy. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I have dull aches everywhere and generally don't feel well this afternoon.

I hope it gets better soon. Right now - this sucks.

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Hang in there! Drink lots of water and this feeling, soon, shall pass.

Have you seen a copy of the Whole30 timeline?  It gives you an idea of what to expect as you go through the process.

What are your reasons for wanting to do a Whole30?  Post those goals to remind you as motivators.

Lots of ideas for non-egg breakfasts here:



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GFChris -- Thank you so much for those helpful links. I re-read the timeline and realized that how I feel is normal... it just really sucks. And its true - however crappy you eat before you do a whole30, is directly proportional to how you feel at day 2. I didn't feel terrible this morning, but later on I did, and it all makes sense now.


The reasons I am doing a whole 30 are to find a better relationship with food, try to fix some gut/IBS issues, try to fix some acid reflux issues, and really just get out of my crappy eating funk! 


I found some options at my local healthy food store that did not make me gag thinking about - found some compliant sausage and bacon to replace my eggs, as well as some compliant roast beef. I also got some coconut, and olives to replace my avocado that makes me want to gag also. Got some blue berries, raspberries and blackberries as my fruits for tomorrow and I'm making fajitas tonight. 


I'm hoping that after these next couple of days pass I will be able to stomach eggs again in the morning. Atleast maybe some hardboiled ones. I've never had an issue, but this is really like a hangover and very few things sound even mildly appetizing. 


Looking forward to feeling better. Thank you for the words of encouragement GFChris and Ninadude

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I'm also on day two today.  You can do this and I'm sure you'll feel better after a bit.  As someone wrote elsewhere ... think of them as meal 1, 2 and 3 rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Eat whatever you want (within the guidelines of course) for each meal.

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