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proud to reach day 30! but....

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I just finished my last whole 30 meal...technically (I know I have to keep going after reintroducing to see if something affects me)!


I am really proud of myself for only having 2 SWYPO moments during the last 30 days (a 1/4c cold coconut milk frappe with some strawberries and a can of tangerine Izzy) and had begun to see physical results after day 20. However, I got my period early... and this typically affects my body- weight, bloating..., so I don't know what I will see on the scale tomorrow. 


Also, I do realize I still have food issues. Day 30 has been the HARDEST day! being so close, so tempted to say 29 is good enough... I PERSERVED and CONQUERED! but I was anxious most of the afternoon and kept thinking about food, picturing the piece of chocolate I will eat tomorrow!


So I came to the conclusion that food is still highly emotionally charged for me. 


I started this journey because I have Hashimoto's. I was not "brave" enough to go the AIP route with the whole 30. The only real result that I have perceived *but not confirmed, is weight and inches loss. Still feel tired, still have some brain fog, still have this crazy itching in my ear BUT I was also able to live in a non compliant household for a full 30 days without caving in ONCE!! so I still have work to do but proud that I have come a long ways.


To your health! and to mine!

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