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ST's Post W30 Reintroduction Diary

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Hello there!


So, I'm on Day 2 of my Reintroduction phase. I chose to start with non-gluten grains (mainly, just corn products), as I'm gluten free & absolutely adore real, handmade corn tortillas - not the rubbery ones you can get the store that last for months in the fridge. I also adore corn tortilla chips & guacamole/salsa & corns tacos. It's my go-to snack at social events or going out to eat.


Anyways, yesterday, I had a corn tortilla wrap with my eggs in the morning, a handful of organic corn tortilla chips at lunch & then a corn tortilla filled w/veggies at dinner.  Nothing to report at this time: no abnormal physical issues or no mental fogginess at this time. So far so good, but I'll be keeping tabs over the next two days.


I'll report if anything remarkable happens before my next trial on Day 4: Dairy (mostly cheese)


Take care everyone! :)

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Thanks ninadude!  :)


Day 3 of reintroduction phase & I still feel great! I have two interesting things to share, however:


1) I did have some increased hunger pangs between breakfast & lunch yesterday, which had almost been eliminated during the W30. Here's what I'm thinking:


- My stomach may have stretched a bit the day before as I inserted corn tortillas into my menu for the reintroduction phase - I refused to decrease my veggies, protein & fats, while I introduce foods. Perhaps, my stomach anticipated the same amount the next day?


 - Or, since I ate breakfast early (4:30 am) which is a solid hour earlier than I normally eat, it makes sense I was hungrier, earlier in the day...


- Or, since I was about ready to start my period, I may have been hungrier? Historically, I'm ravenous before my period...



Which leads me to my second observation...


2) My period started this month as a lamb, not the roaring lion it usually is!!! I literally woke up this morning & there it was - not surprised, as I knew it was coming, as I had some minor salt cravings & moodiness (typical) but not the usual PMS symptoms... read below:


- I had absolutely NO breast tenderness prior to starting my period: this is EXTREMELY rare for me. I always chocked up my tenderness to excess salt & caffeine in my diet: well, I would argue that I decreased the 'bad' processed salt in my diet, while adding 'good' salt (Himalayan sea salt, W30 approved hot sauce) to my cooked foods. I also, decreased my caffeine (coffee) intake in half: I know prepare my coffee half regular/half decaf.


- NO bloating: again, super rare for me. 


- Only minor cramping (so far): In my past, I've had everything from minor cramping to cramps so severe, I've been hospitalized for possible appendicitis observation!!! So, I was a bit surprised my period started w/no cramping fanfare - only minor cramping started AFTER my period arrived....


- Started a day "late" - this is good for me! The enormous amount of school/work/life stress (per my gyno) I've experienced over the year(s) has wrecked havoc on my menstrual cycle, shortening it to as little as every 23 days :( , which is very irritating & annoying. So, rather than my average 24 day cycle turnaround, I got to day 25 this month - I'll take it! :D


That's it so far!!! I'll keep tabs of how my body reacts as the day moves on & report anything remarkable!


Tomorrow, is Day 4: Cheese!!! :)

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Alrighty, so it's Day 6 of my reintro & I'm in the post-Dairy days. On Day 4, I had shredded cheese on my eggs, milk at lunch & then parmesan on my roasted eggplant for dinner. I definitely was more bloated the day after (Day 5), than I had been toward the end of my W30. I think I'm going to try just cheese (harder cheese, less lactose) & no milk (didn't drink it much anyway preW30) to see if it's a mostly a lactose issue...


Day 7 is tomorrow: Legumes!!!

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