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Start Date 17/4/14


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I have started Whole30 twice and couldn't finish it both times. I am aiming to finish it this time around. I made it to week 3 with my first go, but got the flu and had just enough energy to eat what I could grab, aka crackers. No energy to make soups and no one would make them for me. So Im hoping Im better prepared for whatever happens. Im starting tomorrow and aiming to finish this time around. I have some serious sugar addiction issues to deal with. The sun is shining here and that's always a good motivator!

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Day one went well. Im a hairdresser so scheduling my meals is difficult but I do try.


Meal one was two hb eggs. That satisfied me and I lasted until about 1pm.


Meal two was just a sweet potato and an apple. Should have eaten more veg, but I was in a hurry and it was safe, compliant.


Meal three was cumin, black pepper, salt, herbs and paprika 'crusted' baked chicken legs (yum!) with veg, lots of veg. It was delish...


I also had a coffee, went out with my daughter for a lovely coffee at our regular coffee shop. I resisted temptation pretty well. Im chillin now.


I found some youtube vids for some pilates for exercise. Im sOoooOOooo not keen on doing any high impact cardio just now. Pilates suits me just fine.


So day one down. Good strong start, Im pleased!

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