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The New guy in town, Zach's whole30 journey.


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Well hello my fellow healthy eaters! Let me first start off by saying how excited I am to start this (long overdue) journey.

Today marks my day one of the Whole30, and started off the morning by weighing myself to see where I'm at, then a nice handful of strawberries with a small cup of juice.

Lunch will be a tuna wrap with a cup of mixed fruit. I haven't decided what I want for dinner so any suggestions would be spectacular!!

As I said before, this is long overdue. I've been married for (coming up on) 3 years and my diet since then has decline ed BIG time. Though have only put on about ten pounds in that time frame, I wasn't happy with where I was before then. My goal is to get back down to my pre-navy weight of 180. More importantly though, to eat healthier so I can see my 3week old son grow to be a wonderful man someday.

Also, I have this skin condition on my face that dermatologists can't seem to make go away, I think its a combination of poorly prescribed medication and a horrible diet, so why the heck not? Let's get healthy!!

Any suggestions and tips are welcomed!! I'm a newbie at this so fire away!

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Here are a list of documents to read that will get you up to speed on doing the Whole30 right:


So far, none of your meals are measuring up to standards, so you have some work to do. The two most important documents to study are the official program rules (which would let you know drinking a cup of juice is not okay) and the meal planning template (which lets you know that you need protein and veggies at every meal).
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