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Elli G's Log, start date 4/15/14


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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to log food and talk about my personal experience, but I'll throw it up here and trust that someone will send me a kind message if I'm populating the wrong area!  I just want a place to keep track of what I'm eating, doing, and feeling.  OK - here's day 1 and day 2.



M1: Kale, tomatoes, onions sautéed in olive oil.  2 eggs

Hungry by lunch! 


M2:  Big salad with tuna, egg, 1/2 avocado, handful of olives, and tons of veggies tossed in vinaigrette (homemade, of course.) 

Felt like I overdid it, but then was hungry by dinner, which I guess was 7 hours later....


M3:  Homemade potroast, paleo style, roasted veggies and a gravy made with almond flour.

FULL!  I think I was afraid of being hungry so I overate this day.  Thoughts going forward, it might be better to just eat until I'm full, and then allow myself a snack once in a while (whole30 approved) than to try and gorge so much.   Just until I figure this out....


DAY 2:

M1:  BIG breakfast, 2 eggs, bacon, kale/spinach/tomatoes/onions, but this time all sautéed in the bacon fat (happy bacon.)

Still full at 2pm when I had M2


M2:  Leftover potroast, just a small portion, and some veggies. 


M3: Paleo Pad Thai - favorite recipe so far!    Delish! 


Today I had roasted spaghetti squash with a little coconut milk and cinnamon for breaksfast, with two pieces of bacon.  It was actually pretty good!   Lunch will be leftover pad thai and dinner, not sure yet.  :-) 


oh - might be TMI here but I've had some "gastro-intestinal distress" both times after kale for breakfast.  Might just be the metformin (dose is upped concurrently), but it was nice to have something different this morning.  :-)  So far so good! 

If anyone is reading this feel free to give feedback!  


As far as my psychological state is going, I think I'm feeling a lot better than I anticipated.  On both Day 1 and Day 2 I got SUPER sleepy / tired / exhausted from around noon - 5pm.  But other than that no real side effects.  Not feeling hungry or deprived, although I did see a piece of cake and was astonished at the physiological response my body had (it literally started salivating, and I felt a very physical urge to eat it!  Weird....)  It wasn't like my mind was even interested in the cake, but my body had a very Pavlov response.   Anyway....


I hope everyone is having smooth sailing!!!

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Everything looks good, and yes, you're posting your log in exactly the right place!  :) 

Your thoughts on eating until you feel full are sound: play with the protein/veg/fat portions until you get to the place where your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours.

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Finished out day 3 with going out to eat.  Had a (organic happy) burger patty with guacamole and a roasted poblano pepper, garden salad with vinegar and a little "Dreamy Avocado Dressing" I snuck in.  :-) 


Gosh I'm feeling grumpy today.  Woke up this morning with a serious craving for yogurt and oatmeal.  It's like I have no interest in the foods I can eat right now, nothing sounds good.  Guess that means I'm not really hungry enough right?  :-) 


Wasn't as tired yesterday as day 2, went for another (shortened) run....





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Kale almost always hits me that way, too. You're not alone. I've also done the gorging because I was a afraid of being hungry, but I've found that eating to satiety is just fine. After a a week or so on a W30, being "hangry" (hungry + angry) goes away and then I just feel what I'm guessing is a normal feeling of hunger. 

Good luck! Your menus look great! 

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Hi there,

Well I don't think I logged it at all yesterday - felt terrible!  Extremely nauseous, low energy, it was very difficult to get food down.  I have to admit that late in the afternoon I took a small amount of medical marijuana (legal where I live) which helped a great deal.  I don't smoke weed often, or really at all, but yesterday it was my saving grace!   I was also chewing on fresh ginger all day, which helped.  I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon, and joined my partner for some Frisbee golf and fishing, and we caught two beautiful brown trout for dinner.   Given that.... my food yesterday looked like this.  I didn't really have a M1 and M2, just tried to put a pit down here and there. 


AM:  A few handfuls of fresh blueberries.  A few slices of raw sweet potato.  Slices of raw ginger (which helped the nausea)  Two hard-boiled eggs. 


M3:  About 6 oz of trout, dredged in egg and almond flour and pan fried in coconut oil.  A little paleo-tarter sauce, and tomatoes with a little balsamic vineager. 


One pear. 


I know my veggies were weak yesterday - not sure why they were more off-putting than fruit and fish.  Will try to get them down today!   I woke up still feeling an aversion to eating, but the nausea is way better.  Here's to a better day 6 than day 5!!! 

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Oops and I forgot to report day 4's food.  I was feeling very nauseous both 4 and 5, and couldn't get much down on 4 either.  It was only a zuchinni fritter for breakfast, a big apple for lunch, and then (again feeling a bit better for dinner) about half a chicken breast on a big salad with guacamole and vinegar. 

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Ok!  Yesterday was a good day, for the most part.  Still had NO appetite, but at wasn't nearly as nauseous either.  The last few days have really kicked my ass!   So - yesterday's (day 6's) food and activities looked like: 

M1 & M2:  hardboiled egg for breakfast, some blueberries, an apple.

M3:  Paleo chicken lettuce wraps with steamed broccoli. 


This whole appetite thing has really thrown me for a loop.  I have just NEVER been the girl that's like "oh I forgot to eat!" or "Oh I'm so sad/depressed/angry/etc. that I can't eat!"  Eating has just never been a challenge.  But these last few days it's like nothing I'm allowed to eat sounds appealing.  Somehow in my head it all will taste like some weird mixture of eggs and kale and coconut milk and almond flour.  ;-)  BUT as I'm typing this I'm chowing down on two eggs scrambled with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and paleo salsa and it's delicious!  But as I was cooking it I was totally grossed out.  My brain is really playing with me here.... There is a tiny voice inside of me saying "Elli the reason you're feeling so sick is because this is not the right path for you!"  But I also know that my brain is apt to sabotage my body - it has been doing so for the last 20 years, so at least for these 30 days I'm opting to not listen to that voice....


Physically / emotionally I'm feeling pretty good!  Not nearly as tired as the first few days (although couldn't sleep last night, work stuff, so I'll probably be tired today) and looking forward to getting in some good exercise today. 


Hope everyone is feeling great!  E

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Your thoughts that your body is trying to sabotage you are spot on. The no appetite can be a symptom of die off for some people, it is your bodies last ditch effort to get you to give it garbage. Don't give in. Honestly the best thing you can do is eat as much of a full template meal as you possibly can. I know this seems counter intuitive when you have little to no appetite but you need to show your body that you are the boss. That said, keep in mind that a serving of eggs is as many as you can hold in your open hand. For most that is at least 3. Keep making the small changes, it sounds like you are already reaping the benefits.

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Another day down and clean!  Yesterday (day 7's) food looked like this.  Oh - I had the closest call yet!  Driving down to Denver, didn't plan ahead, 9 pm and STARVING, was going to go into a restaurant with no paleo options.  It really was a close call!  But thank goodness for Whole Foods, we got there 10 minutes before closing and the salad bar was still fully stocked.  Woohoo! 


Day 7


M1: 2 eggs Scrambled with tomatoes/onions/peppers.  Salsa.  Banana.

M2:  Paleo Salmon cakes (3 big ones!)  Didn't have extra veggies but there's a lot of sweet potato and peppers and onions in the cakes. 

M3:   BIG salad with all sorts of veggies, beets, carrots, and shredded happy chicken. 


Didn't get the exercise in I wanted, but all things considered I'm pretty proud of myself.  


Feeling really great!  Very rarely hungry.  Am feeling cravings now and again but not nearly as strongly as when I'm eating crappy all the time. 


Thanks so much Physibeth for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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Ok - another day in the bag.  I'm really starting to feel like things are evening out.  I have a lot more energy and barely any nausea / aversion to food like I was struggling so hard with on days 4 & 5.  In general I'm feeling happy and healthy!


Day 8's food looked like: 


M1:  one scrambled egg (last one in the box, oops!) veggies, salsa and avocado

M2:  Veggie Pho with one meatball:  My office went out to lunch and I had a hard time finding something that was compliant.  I'm actually pretty sure I went off track here but I'm not going to focus on it.  I did my best!  I ordered a veggie pho with no noodles or bean sprouts, so basically yummy broth with lots of fresh veggies and one cut up meatball.  My confession here is that I have no idea whether or not the meatball was compliant and also I deconstructed a springroll  appetizer to eat the lettuce / shrimp / beef out of it (not the rice paper or noodles!) and the beef tasted sickly sweet.  It was only about a bite's worth, and not delicious to me, but I'm pretty sure that beef was marinated in some sugary something.... Anyway - I'm not too worried about this meal, all in all it was pretty darn good, just in the interest of full disclosure to all of you and to my future self.  :-)

M3: Salmon cakes (I froze extras uncooked and dropped them in coconut oil still frozen and they were great!) with steamed cauliflower and a big salad. 

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Hello -

So I've sort of gotten in a rhythm of posting in the morning to talk about the day prior.  Seems to be working!  :-)

Yesterday's food was:


M1: Eggs, veggies, avo, and salsa (now the regular thing)

M2: Tuna salad (homemade compliant mayo used on a bed of greens and tomatoes and avocado

M3: Paleo Chicken Lettuce wraps. 


I did snack a bit yesterday, I think just on some raspberries.  Oh I also had a tiny amount of frozen watermelon juice for "dessert." 


I am feeling a little wonkier than yesterday.  I was nauseous this morning after breakfast, I think because I'm taking metformin as well.  Then the only thing that sounded appealing for lunch was an apple, which I promptly followed with a larabar.  I can see how sweets beget more sweets....


I am feeling more sleepy again today, so it's weird, almost like a cycle is reoccurring or something.  Nothing too dramatic - all in all I'm doing great!  Starting to think about my upcoming 3-day roadtrip with an old girlfriend to New Mexico.  Uh oh.  No alcohol, no restaurants.  This is going to be interesting!  :-)  E

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Hey hey,

I suppose I can log days 11 and 12 here.  I'm getting less creative with meals.  I'm really slacking with planning and also with eating enough veggies! 


Both M1's were the veggies, two eggs, and avocados. then yesterday's M2 was olives and roast beef, I think?  With some veggies?  Yesterday's M3 was definitely left over Paleo "spaghetti" and meatballs, with steamed broccoli. 


Today's M2 was left-over pasta and meatballs with some boiled beets and tonight I had chicken fajitas (just the meat and veggies and guac) and some of my mom's steak. 


I'm feeling heavier than when I first started.  I need more veggies! 


Ok - road trip starts tomorrow.  Wish me luck! e

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I noticed that you have mentioned taking metformin several times.  Being on the w30 and not eating any sugars (including hidden sugars), the tiredness and nausea might possibly be from low blood sugars.  Do you check your blood sugars on a daily basis and does your doctor know about your diet changes?


Hope you are feeling better soon and congrats for doing so well!

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Thank you Kmlynne!  I hadn't talked with my doctor about any of this.... I'm feeling very inclined to stop taking the metformin, not sure what that's about....


Regardless, even though I haven't made a post in forever, I'm doing great!  Today is Day 21 and I'm feeling like I could do this forever (except maybe drinking a few beers on the porch with my honey.)  WE'll see!



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Ellig - Don't just stop taking the metformin!  Check in with your doctor, get the lab work and see what he says.  


This is a great way to eat, isn't it?  Amazing what our bodies can do when we fuel them well!

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