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Easter Dinner! Let's talk about what we're cooking!


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Maybe I'm just super excited because I LOVE Holidays and this is the first Holiday since I was 13 - i'm now 37! - that I am consuming meat other than the seafood variety. Maybe I'm excited because I've got a pork shoulder in my fridge and Red Hawaiian Sea Salt in my cupboard, ready to throw into a crock pot ala Michelle Tam's Kalua Pig recipe. Or maybe I'm just into having a super satisfying, delicious Paleo Easter dinner.


So... what is everyone making? Pretty sure I'm roasting Brussel sprouts and we will probably also have some roasted sweet potato and ghee concoction. But what else? I've been pretty fixated on this pig thing that I haven't given the rest of the meal much thought. Until today! I need some inspiration!

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