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Lessened Menstrual Symptoms PostW30/Reintroduction


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Hello ladies!


I'm currently in my Day 3 of reintroduction phase & I still feel great! I have two interesting things to share, however:


1) I did have some increased hunger pangs between breakfast & lunch yesterday, which had almost been eliminated during the W30. Here's what I'm thinking:


- My stomach may have stretched a bit the day before as I inserted corn tortillas into my menu for the reintroduction phase - I refused to decrease my veggies, protein & fats, while I introduce foods. Perhaps, my stomach anticipated the same amount the next day?


 - Or, since I ate breakfast early (4:30 am) which is a solid hour earlier than I normally eat, it makes sense I was hungrier, earlier in the day...


- Or, since I was about ready to start my period, I may have been hungrier? Historically, I'm ravenous before my period...



Which leads me to my second observation...


2) My period started this month as a lamb, not the roaring lion it usually is!!! I literally woke up this morning & there it was - not surprised, as I knew it was coming, as I had some minor salt cravings & moodiness (typical) but not the usual PMS symptoms... read below:


- I had absolutely NO breast tenderness prior to starting my period: this is EXTREMELY rare for me. I always chocked up my tenderness to excess salt & caffeine in my diet: well, I would argue that I decreased the 'bad' processed salt in my diet, while adding 'good' salt (Himalayan sea salt, W30 approved hot sauce) to my cooked foods. I also, decreased my caffeine (coffee) intake in half: I now prepare my coffee half regular/half decaf.


- NO bloating: again, super rare for me. 


- Only minor cramping (so far): In my past, I've had everything from minor cramping to cramps so severe, I've been hospitalized for possible appendicitis observation!!! So, I was a bit surprised my period started w/no cramping fanfare - only minor cramping started AFTER my period arrived....


- Started a day "late" - this is good for me! The enormous amount of school/work/life stress (per my gyno) I've experienced over the year(s) has wrecked havoc on my menstrual cycle, shortening it to as little as every 23 days  :( , which is very irritating & annoying. So, rather than my average 24 day cycle turnaround, I got to day 25 this month - I'll take it!  :D


That's it so far!!! I'll keep tabs of how my body reacts as the day moves on & report anything remarkable!


Tomorrow, is Day 4: Cheese!!!  :)

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Great job! I experienced the same thing with my period. The last year it felt like I was getting them more frequent. I finished my first whole30 on March 18th. This past week I got my period after 31 days since my last which hasn't happened in a while.I barely experienced any bloating, mood swings, or even acne. I did have minor cravings but nothing as bad as  I was experiencing months prior. I hope it last!

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- My stomach may have stretched a bit the day before as I inserted corn tortillas into my menu for the reintroduction phase - I refused to decrease my veggies, protein & fats, while I introduce foods. Perhaps, my stomach anticipated the same amount the next day?



I don't think it really works that way. I often feel hungrier between meals when I eat off-plan carbs like corn, rice, potato chips, etc... takes me back to the old days where I had a huge lunch and was feeling snacky an hour later. So glad I don't deal with that on a regular basis anymore!

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Crazy. I got my period today and its usually around this time, except I had no warning signals. No cramps, no breast tenderness - nothing. I sm on day 14 of W30 and amazed. Thats never happened in 25 years. I am determined to find out whet the previous culprit is/was. Any info appreciated!!

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Me too!  Me too!  


Part of the reason I decided to extend to a W60 was to confirm that my easier period (no breast tenderness, less cramping, etc) was not a fluke.  I just got my period a few days ago (2 days early - usually I'm 28d to the HOUR <--crazy, but true).  I had NO breast pain (same as first W30 period).  Last time my cramps came on less strong so I only took 1 Aleve and skipped the heating pad because I had to work and was afraid of testing the waters.  This month I again had only minor cramps to announce its arrival and I decided to skip the drugs and heating pad... and I made it!  That is the first time in YEARS that I didn't need heat/drugs to uncurl myself from a fetal position.  Pain was a 2/10 most of the day and creeped up to maybe a 3 or 4 in the evening.  But totally manageable.  


I'm curious as to what caused the change though.  Is it dairy and the hormones?  Or is it everything together?  I feel like I can stay no dairy but I'm curious as to how much say, wine and chocolate, I can let back into my diet :)

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I have had a similar experience on Whole30, littleg!


For the past 20 or so years, I have had to take 800 mg of Advil every 6 hours (starting the day before my period) just to get through the pain. Woe to me on the days I didn't catch it early enough... that's when you really learn how long it take a drug to move through your bloodstream before it becomes effective. Note that 800 mg was a prescribed dosage, and my pharmacist father (who never let us take *anything* unless absolutely necessary,) was on board with it.


I hated taking that much. It's not good for your heart, or your stomach, or your GI tract, but I had to do it.


I started Whole 30 and my period arrived, on schedule, 5 days later... but this time, I only had to take Advil twice. Fast forward to the next one, and I got through it *without any Advil at ALL* I had a little pain, what I imagine most people have. A little uncomfortable sometimes. Certainly not the curling up into the fetal position, vomiting-inducing pain I had before.


If I got no other result from Whole30, it would be worth it just for this. I think, in my case, it's dairy. I've been gluten free before, and I never have eaten a lot of legumes. My husband and I already eat a whole-foods kind of diet, and I make all of our food from whole ingredients (nothing processed.) The one big change is... no diary. 


I'm a little scared to reintroduced it, actually! But we'll see. I'm hoping I can have cream (since it's mostly fat) and maybe a little bit of cheese now and then!

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