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When to take supplements?


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I am new to Whole30, read "It starts with food", bought compliant groceries and I'm on day 4  :D


Yesterday, I went to the health food store and bought the supplements recommended in the book.Besides the digestive enzymes, which you take at each meal,  I'm just not sure if I should be taking the others in the morning, or before bed?


This is what I'm currently taking -


Digestive Enzymes - each meal

Omega 3 - 1 in morning, 1 at supper

D3 - 1 in morning

B complex - 1 in morning ( wasn't in book)

Magnesium citrate - I took 1 capsule (150 mg) last night before going to bed but ???  not sure that's the best time?  


Maybe it doesn't matter when I take, just that I take them.... :rolleyes:

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