You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...


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And on Day 31 after making a sandwich for your 4 year old, you pause and look longingly at the PB on your finger before deciding it's not worth it, so you just wash your hands.

I was tempted but if I'm going to off road it's not going to be licking peanut butter off my finger. Lesson learned after my first Whole30 earlier this year... :)

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My fav is still the one about not licking our fingers. That makes me laugh every time.

Last week I made oatmeal cookies with my daughter for a camp party and she asked if she could lick my fingers since I wasn't going to.

Still makes me laugh, too. And I did the same with my son and the chocolate cake I made for his birthday last week!

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You attend your niece's wedding reception, get asked to help slice the wedding cake for guests, spend 15 minutes slicing and serving multiple layers of a beautiful cake with various fillings plus thick and creamy frosting, and you STILL DON'T TRY A BITE OR EVEN LICK YOUR FINGERS WHEN YOU ARE DONE SERVING THE WEDDING GUESTS!

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...when you check for sugar free bacon EVERY time you go to the grocery store, even though you were just there 2 days ago and they didn't have any..

How about when you know a particular store sells sugar free bacon and you buy it regularly, yet you STILL check it each time just to make sure it hasn't changed :)

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You watch an old episode of NCIS and when a character turns down the offer of a burger with a "No thanks, I don't eat food I haven't cooked myself", you immediately think Wow, that's how to do a whole 30.

and I really can't believe I'm doing this but

When you save up for ages for a new pair of leather boots and then decide to blow the money on a vacuum food saver instead - and you're excited about it :)

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You giggle while watching MacGyver and 21 Jump Street and RDA and Johnny Depp's characters both check labels for MSG.

You whine while passing three dozen signs for Amish baked goods on the way to town.

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you have this conversation with the waitress at a Kountry Kitchen in rural PA while on a business road trip with a colleague after ordering a salad.

Me: "Do you have olive oil and red wine vinegar?"

Her: "Yes"

Me: "Is it olive oil? I have to have olive oil. If its canola oil or some other kind of oil, It bothers my stomach a lot. Are you sure its olive oil?"

Her: "Im pretty sure its olive oil. I can check with the cooks in the back. They would know. You want me to check?"

Me: "Thats ok just give me the red wine vinegar. Does it have sugar in it?"

Her: "I'll bring you the bottle" She brings me the bottle and sure enough its just regular red wine vinegar, nothing added.

Her: "By the way, I did check with the cook. He said it is canola oil!"

She was the sweetest most patient waitress ever!

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- every Google search you do for any recipe begins with the word "Paleo"

- you educate the staff at Whole Foods about what coconut aminos are, and what brand of fish sauce contains no sugar

- you start asking butchers whether the organic chickens are air dried

- you order beef jerky via mail order instead of buying one of the 28 varieties sold at any gas station

ETA: - when "The clothes make the girl" is more than a slogan, it's a lifestyle

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