Can I brag a teeny-tiny bit re: Crossfit?


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I haven't had a perfect Whole30 yet (or anywhere close, actually, LOL...I got to a Whole15 once) but I'm still trying. BUT I have had a Crossfit triumph!

Last night we finished our Crossfit Foundations class. We hoped for an easy workout, but HA! LOL. We started out with a 400M run and a 500M row! We also practiced deadlifts - and I had four reps of a new max weight - 95 pounds. We worked pretty hard, but the end of the evening was the biggest thing...we repeated the workout we did on our first night, to see if our times had improved.

Our coach said most people cut their time in half by the end of the class. I know I looked extremely skeptical about that and I'm sure my face read: "Yeah, right." My time the first class was 14 minutes, 53 seconds for the following workout:

200 meter run

15-12-9 reps of: squats, pushups, and ring rows

200 meter run

My first time, I know I got slowed down by my pushups. Ick. I tried to do the first set on the floor and my knees, and it took me forever. I got smart after that - I use a box now (12") and my knees, but I'll get to the floor and my toes eventually.

My time...I couldn't believe it. I prayed that I would make it under 12; I would've been happy to have shaved just 2 minutes from my time...but guess what it was??

6 minutes and 25 seconds. SIX. Less than half my original time! I was stunned...and thrilled.

Now on to main classes...gulp!

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I'm still terrified of crossfit. Respect!

I totally was's really important to find a gym that has a Foundations or "on-ramp" class that teaches you the basic moves and gives you the chance to practice those. It's also super important to find a coach who will modify the moves given your level of fitness. I'm 50 years old, in okay (but not great) shape, and I have an old back injury and bursitis in my right arm. I did a lot of modifications, and my coaches were great about that. That's the great thing about Crossfit - it can be adjusted for anyone.

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That is really cool! I just signed up to start CrossFit this week, my foundations class begins Tuesday night - and I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon in October. I am a little terrified - or more accurately "frexcited" but I figure this is me making a serious investment in my health and well being and the overall health of my family (mama ain't healthy ain't nobody healthy!).

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Wow, a half marathon! Good for you - I'm impressed! You must be a runner?

I look at Ben...which I did last week...and can say in just 8 short days I was doing this one in the main class:

Murph (this is the modified version - half the regular WOD):

800m run

50 pull ups (jumpers for me)

100 pushups (knees and 14" box because I couldn't remember which one I used before)

150 air squats

800 m run - I probably jogged about 90% of it, but had to walk a little in the first 400 m, which is all uphill

My time was 31:01.

Ben looks tame to me now, LOL!

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That is awesome! That is also very awesome on your Murph time! I do a half-a-Murph twice a month. I am detemrined to get that full Murph down!...LOL

CrossFit is an AMAZING sport! It can become very addictive and produce amazing watch out....LOL

Good luck and keep pushing and you will achieve so many more benchmarks in your WOD's that it will blow you away time after time!

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