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Starting Monday 21/4


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Hi everyone! 


I'm Stacey and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia :)


I am starting the Whole 30 with my husband and 2 children tomorrow, as well as my cousin and her family (who live in the same building as us). Hoping that between all of us, it will be a little easier :) I've just finished a 12wk clean eating challenge where I gave up alcohol, coffee, dairy and sugar but became the master at 'replacing' these things with so called 'clean' options. I turned pumpkin into doughnuts and avocados into ice cream and after finding out about the Whole 30, I realised I am very much attached to food (especially baking and treats) and that there is a big difference between eating clean and eating primal.


I indulged somewhat over Easter with coffee, wine and chocolate and feel like crap, not to mention my skin has lost its glow and pimples have returned :(


The Whole 30 is the final frontier for me and the only thing I am afraid of is keeping the kids happy without all the 'snacks'….


Looking forward to learning, growing and sharing in here :)

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