Post-30 Getting Back to My Old Life


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This is my first post and would like to say that the Whole 30 community is very impressive! My wife and I recently completed a successful Whole30 in the last 5 days. Our results were substantial. I lost ~15 lbs and weighed about the same as what I did when I came out of Ranger School 10 years ago! (slightly different diet plan)


My goals going into the Whole30 were primarily to take a break from sweets and pick up other healthy habits/meals/etc. that we could incorporate into our lifestyle in the future. I would say that I generally define the core of a "healthy me" on fitness, less so diet. (as evident by my Whole30 results, maybe I should revisit this!) I never felt a rush of Tiger Blood during the program and felt about the same before the Whole30 as I did after.


Now we're in the reintroduction period and I have not been strictly reintroducing one non-30 category at a time. I've been basically trying to get back to normal and incorporate my takeaways from the Whole30 into my post-30 life. This has not been going well. Partially because my two-year old gave me a stomach bug and partially because any of the non-Whole30 things I eat, make me feel like i have a brick in my gut (e.g. cheeseburger). None of these were symptoms of my eating before the Whole30, and I don't want them to be now. I want to enjoy my cheeseburger and feel like I did before the Whole30. Any advice? Should I just eat smaller portions of non-30 items? How long can I expect this to continue? Take probiotics/enzymes? Any thoughts are helpful.


Happy Easter!





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Which "takeaways" are you trying to incorporate? 

Part of the Whole30 is to show you what foods you are better off not eating at all, or only at times where it's special and worth it, going forward.   It sounds like your body isn't friends with some foods you're reintroducing. As part of riding your own bike, you need to decide how you want to feel going forward, and what foods will best help you feel this way.

Moderator Tom Denham posted recently about this in detail - you might want to take a look at his post.



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