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30 Days, 10 Pounds and a lot of changes...


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30 Days ago I embarked on this journey. And thanks to this forum and the plethora of information the authors and supporters of Whole30, I have reclaimed a few things in my life.


There's a LOT of changes about myself that I've noticed since Day 1, but there's so many I'll just state the obvious---the most noticeable changes have been feeling good, able to wear clothes that I haven't been able to since last fall, and I lost 10 pounds. 


Where to do I go from here?


1. Add in workouts...walking or Couch 5k. I'm supposed to do a Color Run with some friends later this year--I need to get crackin'. 


2. Follow the next steps and suggestions of add foods back in one at a time starting tomorrow. A little nervous about this part. 


3. Stash the scale away one more time, but take measurements and use clothes as my guide to how my body's changing. My oldest graduates from high school in 4 weeks so my goal is to be able to wear a dress I bought last fall for $10 from JC Pennys.




(PS....After reading another poster's words...I may reconsider adding in new foods and just do another Whole30.--I'm going to let the words just soak in and see if I'm "truly owning" my issues. Thanks, sparkle!)



Cheers to all those who have gone before, still going, and planning on starting Whole30! It's truly worth it---you're truly worth it.

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