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Starting--for reals!! :)


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Hi Whole30 friends.

So I've been following WHOLE30 to a tee in all but one area. I went 16 days, prepping and eating wonderful WHOLE30 foods, but did not give up one thing--my ZIPFIZZ.

So embarassed. But I thought, "oh, it's okay, I'll reap all the benefits except just one thing cannot be bad!".


I was addicted to the caffeine in the morning (I don't drink Coffee for religious reasons) and in the afternoon.


BUt alas, today I started my WHOLE30 over and I WILL NOT BEND A RULE>

YIKES. It's scary and I woke up needing my "hit"--it's crazy how my body craves it!

BUt I'm not giving in.


So here's to starting over and doing it RIGHT.



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