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Day Three Introduction


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Hello!  I have been reluctant to introduce myself for a couple of reasons.  First, I am new to low carb.  I am a carb addict so unlike so many of you, I haven't been eating Paleo or anything else prior to embarking on this journey.  Second, when I first came on to introduce myself, I discovered that I am the only fool who set her start date to the day before Easter!  Third, I have surgery scheduled May 6 and I am not going to fight the hospital staff over my diet.


So why now?  I didn't want to wait until after my surgery to clean my diet up.  I figure that I might as well have two weeks of clean eating and if I don't start over, it was better than having zero weeks of clean eating!  Once I make up my mind to do something, I don't like to wait!  So here I am, on day three, and saying hello!


I suffer from chronic pain and I am hoping that clean eating will help me.  I just feel as though I need to detoxify.  Afterwards, I hope I can find a happy balance between this type of diet and one that is less strict.  I especially enjoying reading everyone's personal success stories.  Good luck to all the other newbies who are starting this week.

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