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I'm really sorry for posting this if it's in the wrong place, or maybe outlined in the book but I haven't gotten that far.  I just saw that there is a vegetarian option, which would be preferable to me.  I like to do Indian cooking since it is plant based, and a lot of recipes call for chickpea flour (plain ground chickpeas).  Since I saw that chickpeas, prepared properly, are allowed as a vegetarian, would the chickpea flour be allowed as well?


Thanks, and I'll go back to reading the book now!

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Note: Sometimes people like to eat less animal protein than we recommend. If you ever eat meat or fish, the vegetarian version of the Whole30 is not really an option. We would encourage you to follow the standard protocol.


If you are not a meat eater at all and follow the vegetarian protocol, I suppose you could use chickpea flour, but not for any baking. During a Whole30, flour is okay as a thickener in soups or stews or to brown protein, but not to make bread, pancake, tortillas, etc. 

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Tom - Question, If you follow a pescatarian diet for Whole30, you cannot eat any beans?


When you follow a Whole30, you pick one plan to follow: for example, omnivore, vegetarian, AIP.  The plans are not designed to be combined.


So if you are a fish-eater but not a meat eater, then follow the omnivore Whole30 without meat.  That would mean no beans on your Whole30.


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