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Tomorrow is my day one of Whole30.  I've given it a shot in the past and failed with no greater success than about 2 weeks but with some significant revelations and better feeling.  Made me realize I have some food issues so yay for that.


I'm just claiming my spot here for the next 30.2 days.



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DAY ONE (cue dramatic music) and I made it through breakfast, er, I mean "Meal One".  Duh duh duuuhhhhhhh.


Kidding of course but felt I should really make sure each milestone was describe in painstaking detail in order to regale anyone who dares to enter this thread with what I am sure will be a most fascinating 30 days. 


Or not.


Breakfast: Spaghetti Squash frittata (eggs, spaghetti squash cooked in ghee and finished in the broiler with a sprinkle of furikake (sans sugar) on top).  Yes that is pretty darned fascinating and complicated.


Lunch: "Salute to Whatever I Have in the Fridge" = chicken thighs, avocado; raw sauerkraut, carrots, cucumber


Dinner: Bison burger with a big salad draped in olive oil and vinegar, chives, oregano, various vegetables (see lunch) and maybe some roasted brussels sprouts if I get a wild hair on my ---  BISON??????  When I did I start eating buffalo?


If anyone wants to know, I had a Last Supper last night which complicated my waking up with sinus issues, bloating and everyone's favorite: gas.  At 4.31 a gallon, I consider that a  great value.


My knees and feet are yelling at me for doing week 2 day 1 of a couch to 5K like program yesterday in 89 degree heat.  It's not the heat, it's the lack of humidity.  So at 7:44 in the a.m. I am currently contemplating my activity choices today: 1) nap in the back seat of the car sounds really good; 2) short and leisurely walk to the dog park to live vicariously through the activities of those who carry plastic bags with them scooping up the leavings of their pooches; 3) short and leisurely walk up to the store to seek some iced tea; 4) walk in the botanical garden; 5) swim in the pool (nix that -- haven't shaved sufficiently since I was 45).


Those of you stalwart enough to get this far: what did the vegan say to the paleoist?    I don't know.  My brain is all foggy.  I'll come up with something later.

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Oof.  It's 3:19 on day one and I'm already thinking about a glass of wine when I get home.  NO!  NO! NO!

I need to remember how much better I'll feel (and sleep) without it.  Dadgummit.


Day one day one day one day one day one day one.


Hang in there, self.  Just snap out of it.

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Got through Day One. The hardest Day Obe I've ever done. Typically the newness sees me through with no real issues. What I take away is that a) I've become so entrenched in bad habits that I made it harder for myself and/or B) I've been eating closely enough to primal that the newness wasn't there as much. There were no elaborate farewells to this and that....wine and chocolate, yes. But that just made me pout last night.

But I stayed compliant and this morning roasted Brussels sprouts for my breakfast vegetable (added to the fat and protein). My sister asked me if I was "preggers". Note: I detest the word "preggers" and once you hit 60 (her age) being "cute" should not be a goal of your conversation. *sigh*. Thank heavens I'm perfect.

Staying home today for some contractors but have time to take a run/walk on the beach so as not to totally waste a vacation day.

Breakfast: ham, sautéed in a little coconut oil, brussels roasted with olive oil, half grapefruit

Lunch: leftover bison burger on Abigail fat salad with oil and vinegar

Dinner: spaghetti squash and meatballs (compliant)

Activity: week 2 day 2 5k101 program on da beach.

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Hi Kmlynne!


Here's a tip:  leftover bison burger tossed over sauerkraut tossed over spring mix does not make for a scrumptious lunch but it WAS compliant.  Ugly, but compliant.  Eating like that makes me glad when it's over!  Oh hey!  There's a thought:

How to lose 30 pounds: eat horrible food. 

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Hokay.  Restart.  <sigh>  I'm almost ashamed to keep this log going but I am hoping that if someone else is struggling to keep it up, that my ultimate success (40 years from now) will help them to stay the course. 


The good news is that the 2nd time in about 30 days I really was suffering from what, if I were younger, felt like PMS.  Puffiness, teariness, achiness, etc.etc.  If you're female, you know the routine. I was Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, and Grumpy.  Anytime I'm four of the seven dwarfs I sit up and take notice.  It is invariably associated with eating crap.


Yesterday I was just snapping at everything.  I think finally after about 3 in the afternoon I said "Ohhhhhh.  Duh."  And so restart this morning.  And that's fine.  The tough time for me is invariably the late afternoon to evening hour where I'm tired, I'm hungry, I might be angry or frustrated.  I need to be expecting that here soon and power through it.

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Karen SHAMED me into restarting the Whole30.  We've been in the midst of a kitchen renovation and probably it was a sign from Whole30 when my oatmeal failed to cook (for some unknown reason) this morning.  I just wasn't meant to have oatmeal!  I'm serious: new gas stove which boils stuff faster than the old one did.  But could NOT get the oats cooked.  Weirdest experience.  But at 5:15 in the morning, almost everything is weird.  So I had some meat for breakfast.  Had I had a little more time, I would have grabbed a steamer bag of veggies and warmed the meat up in some fat but....the oatmeal ate into my morning time.  Stupid grains.  I spit on them.


Yesterday was a crazy food fest including as it did 1/2 chopped liver sandwich at lunch and shrimp enchiladas at dinner with vino!  All very good of course.  And of course, I'm paying the price this morning (thank heavens for lemon ginger tea).  Stupid grains.  I spit on them.


Stupid wine.  I spit on it.


So tomorrow I will restart the Whole30 which should be an interesting attempt given that we will have a visitor come in next week.    But this is one of those moments I will lean on the wisdom of others:  being fat is hard, having stomach pains is hard, eating primally is hard.  Pick your hard.


Fact of the matter is, I no longer have the stomach of a 30 year old.  More like I have the stomach of 3 30 year olds.  :-)


On the brighter side, my activity has picked up with a view to running a personal 5K on July 4th with some invisible friends of mine from Facebook.  And I am contemplating a hike over lunch.  Just because the weather is fine.


So saying: part of the philosophy here is to make some decisions about negative psychological consequences of food but I'd go so far as to say, doting on the plan, posting every day, thinking about Whole30 compliance is every bit as much an issue for me as weighing daily is for others.   I tend to get just a bit buggy about what I'm eating.  Which is NOT healthy.


One side consideration for me then is to not go Overboard.  This can be done without overthinking it (I believe).  I know the rules.  They're simple.  The analysis and re-analysis of what and why I'm doing this is looney tunes.  So I'm not gonna.

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Glad you are back!  


Changing dietary habits are so hard, aren't they?  Every time I want something that is not on the whole30, I just think "I can do anything for 30 days" - then I can enjoy what I want.  Now I am finding that I just don't want those things that I thought I did....  except BBQ sauce.  One day, I am going to try a "compliant" bbq sauce, even if I have to make it myself!


Just think of the kitchen renovation as a chance to not only remodel the kitchen, but to also remodel the food you bring into it (and subsequently into your body)!

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Well so far so good.  I've made it to 12:52.  (And the angels sang)


We're actually at the point in the kitchen renovation where I'm just not bothering to worry about food.  I'll fix what I'll eat.  He can fix what he eats.


I think I underpacked my lunch today but I was up at 3 in the morning and ate breakfast far too early (I was hungry).  But I'll keep going.  A little hunger isn't going to kill me after all.   Orange blossom tea is good for filling me up.


Thanks for the boost, Karen!

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