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Stacey's Whole Family 30 :)


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We started the Whole 30 as a family yesterday and today was the 1st day back at school for my kiddies aged 12 & 9. They went to school with their normal lunchbox as we were already fairly 'clean' however we have eliminated the rye wrap & popcorn. My daughter went off plan for a 'cheese ball' and cried her heart out after school :( I told her she has to start again tomorrow but did very well for telling the truth :) I also encouraged her to think about if the cheese ball was 'worth' losing a day (and a dollar because I am paying my kids $1 per day as an extra incentive) and she said "yes" lol.


My husband woke up with the day 2 hangover but otherwise we are going surprisingly well.


We signed up for the email support and are thoroughly enjoying clicking the 'we did it' link at the end of each day!

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