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Am I eating too much fat?

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Today's menu:

Breakfast--three slices bacon, 1/2 avocado, lemon ginger tea

Lunch--1/2 chicken breast, asparagus, chicken broth

Dinner--paleo meatballs (from Nom Nom cookbook) fried in ghee, mashed cauliflower (2TB ghee), 2/3 cup raw spinach, four strawberries, 1/3 avocado

Snacks--strawberry/mango smoothie, (total) 1 Cup almonds/cashews/macadamia nuts


Most of my days are similar, but I normally add 1/3 C coconut milk and unsweetened cocoa to coffee. Today I have a bad cold and coffee was the farthest thing from what I wanted.


I'm feeling great, but I'm worried my belt isn't getting looser and I worry about cholesteral levels. I've never eaten so much bacon and red meat in my whole life, and I used to only eat meat once a day, if that.


Just wondering if I'm eating too much fat.



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Hi I'm only new to the forum and the 'whole 30' but have been eating 'clean' for 12 wks so will share what I've learnt so far, as someone who would like to shift some fat as a nice bonus to getting healthy :)


With your breakfast, is your bacon nitrate & sugar free? It does seem like a lot of fat to me and I would swap it for some eggs and add some spinach to your plate. If your bacon is compliant, keep it but perhaps reduce the amount to 1 slice or get rid of the avocado.


Fruit is very high in fructose and whilst natural, it will inhibit your ability to lose weight. Same goes with the nuts, very high in fat. Good fat yes but if you can go without the snacks, that would help.


Try swapping your fruit smoothie for a green smoothie (you can still add an apple for some sweetness) and eliminate or reduce your nut intake. If you are having more avocado, fruit and coconut milk on a normal day, then I would think that your overall fat intake would be quite high. However, don't be concerned about cholesterol because the fat you are eating is all healthy, but it is still fat regardless and will impact your desired body weight.


Having said that, if you are feeling great, then remember that is the goal, not the weight loss and try to check in with yourself to see how full you feel without those snacks :)


All the best and good on you (that's an Aussie thing to say in case you're not from down under  ;) ) for asking the question!

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have you looked at the meal template? You meals should each contain a palm-size serving of protein, a thumb size portion of fat and "the rest of your plate" filled with vegetables. That's 2-3 cups of vegetables at each meal. If you are hungry between meals (really hungry, not just bored or in the habit of snacking) then have a mini-meal consisting of protein, fat and vegetables. Fruit smoothies (or green ones for that matter) and nuts do not meet this recommendation.


I would focus on getting the minimum portions in the meal template and the fat will sort itself out.


For the purposes of the template, bacon and nuts are both fat sources, really, not protein. Add some other protein (and some vegetables) to your meal #1.

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