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Gentle changes, gentle results


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Well, yesterday I finished my first Whole30. Since I ate paleo before this program, I had to change only few things:

  • no dark chocolate (it was easy, I like it but not love it)
  • no paleo treats and no honey (I created them once, maybe twice a week anyway, so it isn't problem for me)
  • no cappuccino (same as above)
  • no dried fruits (big problem)
  • fewer snacks (big problem)

I'm grains, legumes and potatoes free for 7 months and dairy free (except milk in cappuccino and butter) for the same time. So it wasn't much to change for Whole30 and thus I haven't expected lifechanging results.


  • I can have a pause between Meal 1 and Meal 2 without snacking. I cannot achieve the same thing afternoons, but 1 snack per day sounds OK for me (and most days it is also PREW anyway).
  • I have stronger willpower and ability to reverse bad decisions, but I wonder how long it will last, because I had these boosts at any program/change/whatever - for limited time. I will see.
  • I'm little dissapointed that my body is in the same shape as before (I really hoped that this helps with my plateau). I have to play with it, Mark Sisson says, that we are adaptable beasts and I think that my body adapted on paleo and takes it as normal life :)

Tomorrow I'm going to reintroduce dairy and I want to have my cappuccinos occasionally (I only ditch them if dairy reintroduction will flow into seriously bad results). And I want to have some dark chocolate and some paleo treats now and then. I will try not to buy dried fruits (maybe "larabars" as emergency snack for trips and vacations).

I don't plan to reintroduce grains and legumes. I think that I will eat some grains one day for sure (some local specialities on vacation or some extraordinary things but not the stuff I can buy anywhere anytime).

I commit myself to join my second Whole30 at September 10th, after my return from Berlin trip and this time I want to play with snacks. I bought a dehydrator, so I will have some homemade jerky instead of fruits and nuts. Yummy!

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Yesterday I reintroduced dairy and as I thought, no problems with it. Maybe I was too full after meal, that was all. I had mascarpone, yogurt and goat soft cheese during the day. All was organic, pure and tasty.

So I think I can have my cappuccino occasionally and maybe some full fat dairy (mascarpone etc.) with berries as a treat :)

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