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The things we dont see........


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I have three very active boys (14, 16, and 19) and feeding the machines is quite the chore. I buy large amounts of crackers, chips, cookies, etc. to fill their junk food cravings. Prior to starting the Whole 30, I went to the store and tried to stock up on the things I would/could eat and, of course, I bought the Fritos, Pringles, Oreos, Ho Hos, Doritos, Ritz, etc...........for the boys! As I was making their lunches this morning in preperation for school, I noticed something very peculiar in our pantry. I would guess that almost 90% of what I had bought them............................has NOT BEEN TOUCHED! Aside from what I pack them for lunches, they are not eating anything beyond that. I couldn't believe all the junk food that is sitting on the shelves....UNOPENED! I think I am figuring out who was doing the most damge to the junk food supplies.....ME! On Day 23 and feeling terrific!  Have a strong and controlled day today everyone!




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