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Following my 10 Day Detox with a Whole 30!


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Last month, I did the 10 Day Diet Detox and felt so much better after 10 days of clean eating that I decided to follow up with a Whole 30.  After the 10 Day program, I introduced many of my old foods back into my diet and realized that it did not take long for them to chip away at all the good feelings I had gained while doing my 10 Day Detox.  I was not sleeping as well, my joint pain returned, and I feel more sluggish and irritable.  I set my sights on the day after Easter to begin my Whole 30 (although I had been looking forward to it since a week after I ended my 10 Day Detox!), because I knew that I could not make it past all of those holiday foods and treats with out a cheat.  So, even though I finished the book weeks ago,  I began yesterday. 

I am SO looking forward to the next 29 days. I am especially focused on the reintroduction phase so that I can maybe pinpoint which of the foods in my diet were making me achy and miserable.  When I reintroduced foods after my 10 Day Detox, I did not do it carefully and did not monitor my reactions, so this time around I will not make that same mistake.  In any case,  I now know that even if I go back to eating some of my "old foods", that I will never look at them quite the same way, and I will be so much more strict with the frequency and quantity in which I indulge!  "It Starts WIth Food" has been an epiphany for me and has changed the way I look at food.


Let the Whole 30 begin!

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