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Andrea's Round 2 Whole30 Log - Start 4/21


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HI Everyone - This is my second Whole30.  I completed one back in October without too much trouble.  It was GREAT!  Since then, settling into a second Whole30 has been rough.  I think this is my 3rd or 4th attempt.  I'm adding logging to see if the added accountibility helps to keep me focused.  I have horrible eating habits and am a real live chocoholic...can't get enough of the stuff..and not just any chocolate, but the super sweetened milk chocolate.   Considering there is still about 10lbs of Easter candy and chocolate in the house...I am facing an uphill battle these first few days or so.


I am hoping to clear up skin and lose weight.  I am really hoping to slay the sugar dragon.


Day 1 was H.A.R.D.  Day 1 of my first whole30 was so easy.  Not sure why it is different now.  Anyway, I was tired and literlly fell into bed at 10:30pm. (really quite early for me to be THAT tired).  Was starting to feel a little headache coming on and am hoping I will dodge that bullet. (I drink a lot of caffenated beverages like soda, so caffeine withdrawal is likely)


Day 1 Log:


M1: 2 scrambled eggs, 12+ spears of asparagus sauteed in olive oil, a few baby carrots and cherry tomatoes.


M2: Ground pork breakfast sausage (sugar free from US Wellness) on a huge bed of raw spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, brocc, caul and 5 or so green olives.


M3: Chicken sausage (tomato & basil), sweet potato fries (just a few cuz I burned them), broccoli and caul, clementine.



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I started on the 21st as well.  I've done 5 complete whole30s and for some reason the first was by far the easiest; can't quite explain that.  I've had lots of false starts as well but am determined that this will be a good one and at least 30 days.  I think a lot of it has to do with your attitude and mind set.


Good Luck on your whole30!

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Thanks for the advice! 


Breakfast is a tough routine for me to settle into...eating so many eggs...ugh.  I think I may try dinner for bfst to break it up. I am not a bfst eater generally and that is also something I'd like to change as I do agree that it is a very important meal and should be the biggest really.


I have a 10yo and a 3yo who would both be devestated if I tossed their easter basket hauls.  However, I have been little by little stealing it and tossing it.  But they will absolutely notice if it all disappears in one day.


Thanks all...Day 2 so far is pretty similar to Day 1 (carb flu anyone?), but I am still in it to win it!

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