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Feedback on Typical Daily Plan


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Hi everyone,


I'm on day 9.... really proud of myself so far! I've been complaint everyday and haven't missed some of the things I thought I would. Some days I am feeling a bit hungry between meals. I'm normally fine between breakfast and lunch, but start getting hungry between lunch and dinner.Thought I would throw out my normal meal plan during the week and get your thoughts! Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated as I still feel pretty foreign to this eating approach.



2 HB eggs
Approx 2 cups raw vegetables
1/2 avacado
Black coffee
Taco salad including:
Approx 4 oz ground turkey
A ton of spinach, some tomatoes and peppers
A handful of olives
A can of tuna
Approx 2-3 cups steamed vegetables
Tablespoon of olive oil OR  a handful of cashews
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You are eating a bit too light. Most likely you should go up to 3 eggs at breakfast, but the real issue is at lunch. Salads are not filling and ground turkey is extremely low fat. All the fat you are getting at lunch is from a handful of olives. You might try adding two boiled eggs or increasing the ground turkey portion to 6 ounces or changing to a fattier cut of meat. You might add an avocado. Honestly, you are eating very light at supper too. As a person new to the Whole30, you might mistake my saying that you are eating light for a compliment, but the key to eating Whole30-style long term is eating enough to be truly satisfied. Your body requires adequate food to get into a fat-burning mode that allows you to shed unwanted fat. You might need to review the meal template and see ways that you could bump up the volume on your meals: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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