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Whole30, Part 2 (sounds like a movie set!)


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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one starting a new (my 2nd) round of Whole30 the day after Easter! I finished my first W30 just a couple weeks ago, and found reintro a little daunting. After feeling so great I didn't want to go backwards, so instead of a true reintro of different foods, I would have a bit here & a bit there. Until - that emergency pizza when we were hanging with friends & there was nothing else & nothing to get creative with...and not just one teaser piece, but two because, well, slippery slope....sure, I'll have a delicious IPA to go with that.

And I shrugged, said hey, no guilt - it was damn good! And the sluggishness the next day seemed a reasonable (not punitive) price to pay for the indulgence. And was all I needed to keep things happily in check.

Until that freakin Easter Bunny dropped off a bag of jelly beans, along with other little Easter delectables. But chocolate treats & marshmallow freaks are just shadows next to jellybeans. To say I can't resist jellybeans is a cop out because that would make it sound like there is some attempt at restraint, and restraint doesn't even enter the picture. I'm making this all sound worse than the reality, but yes - I love jellybeans and did not deny myself - and this sugar hangover is still hanging on two days later.

I didn't log my W30 days before, but this time around I think it will help me find & notice & define my habits & thought processes along the way. First time around was easy - give me rules, structure, lists of compliant vs noncompliant & I'm happy & secure (bordering on obsessive - anyone?). But this break and the informed decision to give it another go, along with little shifts in motivation for a second round make it seem more important to me to be an intentional observer in addition to a rule-abiding zealot.

So. Day 1

M1 - Bullet Proof Coffee (1Tbsp OMGhee 1Tbsp MCT oil); ground beef spinach frittata (thank you, StupidEasy Paleo!); raw spinach; clementine

M2 - salad of spinach, red bell pepper, carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs, olive oil & balsamic; banana & almond butter

M3 - slow cooker chicken yellow curry (thanks again StupidEasy Paleo!)

Would normally not want two meals of eggs in a row, but being economical & quick. Also, already missing avocado and sweet potatoes - first time around not a day went by without one or the other or both...

Craving sweets. Go figure. Trying to stay on top of cues - hunger (or bored noshy, or distracted, or anxious) - and the old forgotten afternoon slump. Happily I know I will conquer these devils soon.

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M1 - egg /ground beef frittata, banana, black coffee

M2 - romaine salad topped with grilled chicken, no cheese no dressing, clementine, GTs Trilogy Synergy Kombucha

M3 - leftover slow cooker chicken yellow curry

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Day3 - I'm having a stressful day. A little overwhelmed with work, more than a little frustrated & discouraged with finances....but I'm W30 strong. The energy & clarity & steady mood thing will be a welcome state of being when it hits, just wishing for it now instead of later ... (Sorry, enough bitching)

M1 - egg/ground beef frittata with some raw cauliflower & spinach on the side. BP coffee. 1/3 of an apple cut up and tossed with almond slivers & raw unsweetened coconut flakes & cinnamon

M2 - ground beef/spinach stuffed red pepper topped with an egg, raw spinach on the side and a carrot. Also a banana

M3 - pork chop cooked with onions & apples in ghee, roasted sweet potato slices, rainbow coleslaw - yay for leftovers all around!

I'm feeling a bit like I'm hungry sometimes - either that's boredom/stress or it's due to an increase in activity. My goal with this is to still only eat during meal time (no snacking in other words), increase my water through the day (I know I'm low on that today), but maybe add the dense veggies and healthy fats to my meals - going back to avocado and sweet potatoes - see if that does away with the hunger.

Oh yeah, also going back to my 10pm bedtime for extra bennies.

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