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Day 22, PMS and ahhhh.....


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So, this is my first Whole30... I'm on day 22, I still have yet to get anything even close to tiger's blood, but I'm realizing that not all people get that... I've kept my eating in check, making sure to get enough starchy carbs, etc... I'm not hungry, however, I swear I'm back to the *kill all things*--- and I never get PMS this bad (no cramping, bloating, etc...just severe anger!)


Positives: I know I'm losing ah-mazing inches (as almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit), I'm not bloated or hungry...


Negatives: I have horrible energy! My normal routine pre-whole30--- I woke up at 4-430am- coffee, then gym, ready when the kids wake up around 630-7... I'm a stay-at-home mom, so, I'm with my 1 yr old and 3 yr old all day, 6 yr old is at school... Most days, I'd take a 20 minute rest/nap when my 1 yr old goes down for a nap... I'm in bed by 830-9pm... Fast forward... I think I've hit the gym maybe 5 times total in the last 22 days, I have NO energy to get out of bed before 6am, and I HAVE to take a nap everyday! 


My escape used to be the hour plus that I had in the morning to myself, but now, I don't have that because I can't muster up enough energy to get out of bed... so, my fuse with my kids is soooo short!


I'm starting my PMS (anger) early this cycle (I'm about 4 days before my period)...


What am I doing wrong??? I LOVE that I'm not hungry, have no desire for sweets, etc... but, I need to get back to working out (I need the mental break), my stress levels from my adorable children are thru the roof!


***side note... I do have thyroid issues, it's currently at good levels, pre Whole30... My husband has his own business- so my stress levels are always high, and being a stay at home mom is the HARDEST thing I've ever done- those little boogers make me insane! 

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Could you post a food log? Perhaps your mood issues are related to not eating enough or something like that.


Also, give yourself a little break. If your body is tired, don't force it to work out at 4 am. Try maybe doing something for you while the kidlets are napping, or even taking a little nap yourself.

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Breakfast- 2-3 eggs scrambled or fried in ghee, salsa. 1/2 avocado or small chicken apple sausage. (sometimes I'll do onions and one other veggie- pepper or zucchini, sauted w/ the eggs, just depends on if I have enough time). 2 cups of coffee with TJ's lite coconut milk- about 1/2 the can. 


Lunch- Yesterday- small (TJ's) can of tuna, homemade mayo, pickles, small apple

            Monday- 2 applegate farms grassfed hot dogs, mustard, sweet potato w/ghee and salt (this is my go-to... I have it about 3-4x's a week because it's easy!)

            Sunday- hamburger patty, salad w/avocado, apple, walnuts and olive oil dressing (other veggies too, tomato, cucumber, carrots)


Afternoon- coffee w/ the other 1/2 can of coconut cream, handful of almonds


Dinner- Yesterday- turkey zucchini burgers w/mayo, sweet potato fries

             Monday- turkey burger, salad w/pear, fennel, walnuts and basil vinegarette

             Sunday- chicken, grilled zucchini and squash


I do take naps... however, I WANT to be able to workout again... I need that break from my kids! And I feel like it makes me a better person- attitude towards life/people, etc... when I do get to workout...


on the days that I worked out- I did PreWO of spoonful of almond butter (realized that maybe a hardboiled egg would be better) and post WO- the small chicken apple sausage.


Thanks for anything you can recommend! :)

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The workouts will return, as will your energy. The W30 is a time for healing and rest--they go hand in hand. Trust that you won't always feel this way and that deep restorative changes are happening in your body and that takes an enormous amount of energy! Hang in there!

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Your baby is a year old? That alone could account for the hormonal weirdness (especially if you're breastfeeding or you weaned recently). We have this idea that mothers' bodies are "back to normal" by 6 weeks postpartum, but (according to my midwives) it takes closer to a year!

I also wonder if, pre-Whole30, you were more run-down than you realized? I know I feel better overall eating this way, but I'm much more in touch with how wiped out I am! Being a stay-at-home mom is WORK!

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If you're PMSing all bets are off...at least that's how it is with me.  Cut yourself a little slack  :)  Treat yourself to a massage, or a new outfit....my favorite treat is a new pair of boots.  And judging from my closet, I like to treat myself often!  I used to use food as a way to treat myself, but learned how to do it other ways during my whole30.  Also recognize that you don't HAVE to be wonder woman.  It's ok to take a nap and relax once in awhile!


I got home from work last night at 5pm and thought "Oh, I have a couple hours before bed, what chores can I cram in before then?"  As I stood there, I realized that I was tired and the chores weren't going anywhere.  Busting my booty to clean the house wasn't going to make me a better person, or make people like me any more than they do.  So I lay down on my bed and read a book for an hour (Liz Wolf's 'Eat the Yolks').

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