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Winding down the Whole30

Mrs Kitchen

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I have survived the initial detox, the adjustments of finding recipes that produce satisfying meals, the loss of sugar and food as reward. I have also adjusted to investing more time in my kitchen doing food prep so that I'm not a crazy person at dinner time.  I am on day 29.  Whoo hoo!


The process has had ups and downs.  And I have found new, "red light" foods.  Foods that are technically on the Whole30 plan, but should be eaten sparingly - but that, in a time of eating for the wrong reasons, foods that can be "abused".  Included in this list for me are: olives (I could pop them in my mouth like jellybeans), almond butter (I could eat it by the tablespoonful), bananas (I could eat one at every meal).


I think I have lost a few inches, but I'm not sure whether I've actually lost any weight (at least I haven't weighed myself lately).  I do know that my clothes that fit like my legs were sausages, and feel tight, are now no longer so-tight-you-can-see-cellulite-through-the-fabric tight.  


Overall, I didn't feel like I was suffering much from food induced ailments prior to starting the Whole30 and at this point, have little to point to as far as improvements in my life.


And then I was listening to the local news this morning.  And realized that the focus of their conversation was seasonal allergies.  And guess what, this is normally me.  I need to pump drugs up my nostrils and pop little white pills to turn off the spigot from my sinuses to my nose.  Not this year.  While I have a periphery feeling of awareness of allergy symptoms - I don't actually have seasonal hay fever allergies this spring.  Wow.  With no drugs, I'm not having side effects from taking allergy meds.  


I haven't decided what my post Whole30 looks like - although I have more psychological issues with food that would benefit from continuing on.  

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Thank you for sharing your journey!


I'm in wonder about the seasonal issues as well. I haven't had to pop anything, other than my temper over a fight of who ate my last apple yesterday (that's another story). 


Best wishes on your next decision. :)

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