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Excited! Scared! Can I do it? Whole30 Day 1


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Hi everyone. Where to begin? I'm 54 years old and have spent a lot of my life battling food and weight and compulsive stuff. I've overcome some of the other compulsions but am left with what feels like the "final frontier" in my battle with food. I'm exhausted and ready to be done with the fight.

A hillarious side note about my weight. For all this FIGHTING on a daily basis, I weigh exactly 2.8 pounds more today than I did at the beginning of January of this year. There must be an easier and saner way to maintain my weight LOL!

Would I like to lose some weight? Yes. But as I think about it, I guess I am finally ready to say that feeling healthy and fit and strong, and not being a slave to food (sugarcarbies) is actually more important to me than what I weigh. There, I said it. For the first time, I think.

I actually tried Whole30 some time ago - a couple years? I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to accept that certain foods affect me in a psychological and addictive way. I wasn't ready to face that taking certain food choices off the table is the only way I will be truly free.

So here I am on Day 1. I started reading the book on my Kindle last night and also signed up for the e-mail support yesterday - which is already fabulous for helping me get going!

Last night I did some kitchen / pantry cleaning and HOLY COW what an eye opener that was! I honestly had myself convinced that I "wasn't that bad" with the sugar/artificial sweetener/grain/frankenfood stuff. Well, my trash can is creaking under the weight of all the garbage today. LOL I woke up this morning thinking "oh - I forgot to throw away XY & Z from the garage fridge!" Yikes. The good news: I now have plenty of space to store protein & vegetables! The bad news: I kept waiting for the fridge to be "less full" in order to clean it. Time to clean the fridge.

I welcome input and support. I know there are going to be tough days. I know I will make mistakes - wow who knew it could be so tricky reading food labels! But hopefully I will get it right enough to get myself detoxed from the garbage.

Todays meals:

B: Egg / Egg White**/Veg scramble, small bowl fruit

L: Broiled salmon, Broccoli with either ghee or olive oil on it, small bunch of grapes

D: Baked mustard lime chicken, asparagus, sweet potato with some coc oil & cinnamon on it

**Using up egg whites on hand

My goal is to not snack but my deal with myself is that if I am TRULY hungry for a hard boiled egg, I will have one. (If that had been my snack deal for the last several years I would not be overweight!)

I weighed and measured this morning. I'm going to try really hard to stay off the scale for the next 30 days. We'll see if I can stay off it. I want to be a health watcher instead of a weight watcher, wink wink. I will have some extra money every month now - maybe I'll spend that on a gym membership.

I look forwatrd to getting to know you all and learning from you.

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  • Thanks Renee! You are my first supporter so VERY special in my book. :) Hope you are having a fabulous day. I bet your weather is better in Alberta than it was here today......HOT and HUMID! (near Chicago)

Salmon was great for lunch! My husband is part of a dog training group and they train here on Saturdays. The men never seem to need to use the bathroom (;)) but one of the women came in right as I was starting to eat that salmon. She couldn't believe I cooked that for myself for lunch. HA! Beats a low fat turkey sandwich on light whole wheat bread any day of the week!

Made some mayo and this time it worked! Last time I tried it....well....not good. So I am all set for some fast meals of egg salad or tuna salad, etc.

I left a cabinet door open and as I was sitting there with my beloved salmon I looked up and realized that I am not done cleaning out the pantry at all! Wow. I wonder if I'm a sugar / sweet addict. I noticed the 49573957 bottles of various flavored artificially sweetened syrups up there. And I was wondering where I would possibly store a pressure cooker. After I get up the courage to truly dump all my sweet and artificial sweet stuff, I will have room for that, and a whole new set of pans and still have room to spare.

OK. Question. What about sparkling selzer water (unsweetened) that has "natural flavor?" Pomegranate Cherry is my favorite. I'm going to cry if you make me throw it out. ;)

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I made "Baked Mustard Lime Chicken" from elanasjpantry.com for dinner tonight. WOW that is an awesome recipe! The chicken came out very tender and we really like the "kick" from the dijon mustard and chili powder. That is a keeper. I hope I hid the leftovers effectively enough so I can have some for a meal tomorrow!

I also did my first Chalean Extreme workout today. Funny - it didn't feel THAT bad while I was doing it but man were my arms and legs quivering when I got done. I hope I can walk tomorrow! Feels pretty cool starting these two things at the same time. Now I understand what people say about Chalene being very motivating. I love at the end of this first workout: "You're an athlete now! You need to train like an athlete and feed your body like an athlete!" Something like that. It made me smile.

Day 1 of Whole 30 is coming to a close. I'm ready for a good night sleep and Day 2.

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LOL Sandy - the diet sodas are loaded in my truck already, and I'm taking them to a picnic today! I feel sort of bad pawning that stuff off on other people. I guess I'll get over it.

Derval - WOO HOO congrats on week 2! LOL I love a workout program that starts with a workout, and then next you have a day off. That is my day today. :) I'm feeling that I did something yesterday but it's not too bad. I was afraid her workout would be too much for me but I love that she shows modifications, etc. - I think I can do this. Is there a Challean Extreme support group here? If not we should start one!

Keri thanks for the well wishes! The e-mail for today reminded that Day 1 feels good and then some rougher feeling days come. I'm glad for these e-mails - very practical stuff. How long have you been doing this?

Feeling good on Day 2. Yesterday I found some compliant "breakfast sausage" at the health food store. I was looking for ground pork and was going to make my own. They didn't have any plain pork but had this. I added some to my breakfast scramble this morning. It was OK but when I make my own I will add more HEAT. I did get some plain ground bison at the HF store yesterday and plan to try my own "sausage" with that from one of the recipes around here.

We have already been getting grass finished beef for several years now from a local farmer. Just got an e-mail this past week that the drought is causing problems and they are going to have to slaughter the calves early this year to preserve the health of the mothers. So the weights will be way lower. I feel bad for how a tough season affects these farms. The calves will average about 150 pounds hanging weight instead of about 220 hanging weight. So far less money for the farmer. I usually alternate 1/2 one year and mixed 1/4 the next since we really need 1/3! (:)) This year I'm getting 1/2 and this means i will probably get 1/2 next year so I guess it all comes out in the wash.

Meal plan for today:

B: Egg/Egg White scramble (using up the whites I have on hand) w/ sausage, mushrooms, onion, pepper from my garden. Cup of mixed fruit - cantalope, strawberries, blueberries.

L: Am going to a picnic and may or may not eat there depending. If there is a plain Omega 6 burger with nothing else in it, I might have one of those and whatever vegs are on hand. Otherwise I will enjoy some conversation for an hour or two and have some of that leftover chicken I hid in the fridge last night. It will all be good - I am very motivated today!

D: Either leftover chicken or salmon and a veg medley from the garden - probably zuke and tomatoes sauteed with some onion. Maybe a few grapes.

S: If I feel the need for a snack, HB egg is an option. If I'm not hungry for that, then I'm not really hungry.

I'm enjoying the book. My eyes were on fire reading the section about all the hormones. Geezy that's me. Overcarbsumption is my favorite new word. Or should I say my least favorite new word. That's a great way to describe it.

I'm armed and ready for this picnic.

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Welcome aboard Lizzy! You make me laugh. I loved the story about the syrups in the pantry. We thought our pantry was pretty clean because we started gluten-free and striving for Paleo last fall - hah! We cleaned it out again and I know what you mean about having so much room. We actually have all this free space now it is awesome. It is amazing how healthy everything looks in the fridge and pantry! I love it.

Have a super day! :)

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I just figured out where the smilies hide! :ph34r: Enhanced communication ahead! :rolleyes:

Thanks for the welcome Faith. LOL on those cupboards. I still haven't mustered up the courage to part with those syrups. Maybe I should go on Amazon and start looking at pressure cookers for motivation. I'm definitely a sweetaholic. None have crossed my lips but if I'm unwilling to part with them, I know there is danger ahead. Hmmmmm..... I need to think about that and set a goal to get out another trash bag.

I did not feel like an O6 burger at the picnic so just visited. Then when I came home practically salivating over the idea of one of those Mustart Lime Chicken Breasts, I found that DH discovered where I had hidden stored them! He ate both of them! :angry: So I had salmon and brocolli and a little bit of sweet potato. My home made mayo was good on the salmon!

Now for dinner I will make O3 burger skillet with garden fresh tomatoes, zukes, onions and whatever else might land in there. And a few grapes.

This afternoon after the picnic I heard the siren call of the carbs!!!!!! Ugh. I'm very glad now that I resisted. The e-mail is right - day 2 is not as easy as day 1.

I walked 3 miles this morning. Did I mention that? Since I'm sort of keeping track of my journey here I should record exercise as well I guess. I love to walk and usually go anywhere from 3 - 5 miles most days. So a light walk today. Then I squished about 205730578 japanese beatles off my roses, among other garden related chores.

OK - I'm going to stay really close here and ignore my carbaholic mind. This will get easier eventually, right? :wacko:

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Well, DH working late tonight. I ended up not really feeling like cooking so went with a quickie option. Organic turkey breast (ingredient list compliant - turkey breast, water and sea salt), brocolli, tomato from the garden yum, grapes. Then I thought it looked like a weight watcher plate instead of a health watcher plate so I had some cashews too. :D In retrospect I think I would have prefered either tuna or egg salad. So here I am making a note of that.

Tomorrow I'm cooking in the crock pot! Country style ribs with savory apples & onions. Will definitely be having zuchinni (sp) with it some way - it's that time of year in the garden LOL!

I'm very happy to have successfully completed Day 2. I almost said "unless there is a late night kitchen raid..." But that won't happen because there is nothing to raid. Well, unless I were to drink some sugar free syrup straight out of the bottle. I'm sick, but not THAT sick! (if it were something with real sugar all bets would be off!) I'm very glad that "clean out the pantry" was high on the list of preparations for Whole 30. I will not be making a late night grocery store run in my nightie. :ph34r:

:ph34r: <---I like this one.

Day 2 was harder than Day 1. I suspect Day 3 might be harder than Day 2. But I know it gets easier eventually. So I'm going to really mentally gear up and just do it. I read on some thread today that the Day 3 e-mail is awesome, so I'll be looking for that first thing!

Thanks one and all for being here and sharing your stories and advice and questions. I could just read on this forum all day.

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You are off to a great start! I still have some things in my pantry that need to go. I love to bake and I have quite an arsenal of supplies that I'm not sure what to do with. I certainly don't plan on eating anything I bake with those supplies, but I have always enjoyed baking things and giving them to friends, family and co workers. But, I do feel bad giving them treats that are so bad for them. Although, it is their choice to eat it or not :)

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Day 3 and I'm still here! I don't feel all cranky and grumpy, but the day is young. Remember how I said I wasn't feeling "much" from that first Chalean workout??? Well, I forgot about the 2-day rule LOL. Sore, but in a good way if that makes any sense. Workout #2 will happen this afternoon. I'm concerned as always about this right hip which is supposedly arthritic according to the chiro. I've about decided that ignoring it isn't helpful and I need to start hunting for a good doc to take a look.

Andra, I love your blog and I can't wait for your upcoming article about the changes you've experienced with your whole 30. I also wish I had seen your pineapple rib photo before I put together a rib/onion/apple concoction in the crock pot this morning!

Laura B thank you also for stopping by! I had a lot of those same thoughts as i was cleaning out the pantry - do I really want to give this unhealthy food to anyone? You are right it's their choice. One of the things on my "I really miss it" list is ketchup on my eggs. LOL I had a dream last night about that hot sauce you mention in your journal that you got from TJs. I'm going to have to look for that next time I go there!

Speaking of list of things I miss.... I printed out the F*** Off diagram and I'm working on it. That is not a hard one to work on, really. The goal sheet is more challenging to think through and I've made less progress there! But I really do need to clearly set some goals other than just "I'm going to do this." :P

I volunteer on Mondays at one of the local charities that serve free hot meals every day to anyone who needs one. They make a point of having all food groups represented. It is pretty interesting to observe people's choices. The people who come there for meals are struggling financially, and most are over weight or obese. I am not being critical as I am over weight myself. I am making an observation that the foods easiest to obtain for the poor are a lot of the foods that make us sick and fat. :wacko:

I loved the day 3 e-mail and am glad to have permission for that afternoon nap! I'm looking forward to it! :)

I will close by saying that the male gymnasts competing on still rings at the Olympics are AMAZING in their upper body strength. I personally can't do pull up.

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Hi Faith! You snuck in on me! I did not note the recipe I copied this from, but it's an adaptation of a recipe someone got from "Simply Recipes."

Pork - I used 3 pounds of country style ribs (could also use pork shoulder roast or butt roast)

3 TBS packed, fresh thyme leaves

3 TBS packed, fresh rosemary leaves

2 tsp crushed garlic

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Olive oil

2 large apples, chopped

1 medium yellow onion, sliced

Salt and pepper pork on both sides

In a chopper device, blend thyme, romemary, garlic + a little salt & pepper and 2 - 3 TBS of olive oil into a paste.

Put apples and onions in bottom of crock pot

Rub the paste on both sides of pork and put the pork on top of onions/apples

Cook on low for 8 hours

I'll report tonight how it turns out!

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Yikes. This morning seemed fine, but now this afternoon I think I am "getting" what that "Day 3 thing" is all about. Holy schmoly I have thoughts of throwing in the towel and going for a whole bunch of sugarcarbies!!!!! I normally don't eat nuts just because I can so easily overeat them, but this afternoon I am making an exception. I am munching on raw cashews for now.

I forgot to list my meals/plans for today:

B: Egg/Egg White/Veg/sausage scramble, berries

L: Egg Salad, grapes

S: Raw Cashews

D: Rib extravaganza from the slow cooker, sweet potato, zuke

I have a feeling I will be in bed early tonight just to stay out of the kitchen. Not that there is anything much left in the kitchen. Someone hide my car keys! :o

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Hey Lizzie,

Reading your journey so far. I'm starting day one today. I'm 58 and on my own for now, since my husband is not wanting to commit. But I have a grown son who will cheer me on since he has been eating paleo for awhile. I just want to get healthy again. But losing some pounds will be a wonderful side note for me!

I am anticipating some serious "carb flu" symptoms. In fact already today I feel like taking a nap! Probably eating "bad" yesterday in anticipation of not eating my fave carbs for awhile [hopefully never to eat some of that junk ever again!] didn't help. But I seriously want to do this. So will be checking the boards here frequently....need all the support I can get!

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Hi Pattylynn! Let's hear it for the 50 something younsters! That is awesome you have a cheerleader in your son. My husband is somewhat on board, but not by choice. His favorite food used to be pizza and his second favorite food used to be milk. Then his third favorite food used to be Rolaids. That diet finally landed him in the emergency room a couple of times. The medical docs were no help but we figured out at home that he had finally become totally gluten and dairy (lactose AND casein) intolerant. What is so funny is that for years I was low carb off and on. Then when he finally was unable to eat grains or dairy anymore, I joined those watchers and added them back with gusto. Ugh. Crazy!

Anyway....he is far from being Whole30 compliant (sugar, seed oils, manwich sauce which is now the #1 favorite food - at least the beef is grass finished, etc.) But with me moving to Whole 30, we are much closer to being on the same page.

I just can't wait to get past these crazy cravings!!! I really don't feel like working out but I'm going to - gotta get my mind off of FOOD!

I hope you have a fabulous Day 1.

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Well, I made it through the afternoon craziness. I sure don't want to eat nuts like that every day, but for today it was a WAY better choice than what my sugar addicted brain had in mind. So I win. Nanny nanny boo boo! Of course I am really not hungry for dinner now! What I'm going to do is have a little taste of the ribs to see how they turned out, and then pack 'em away in the fridge for later. DH had a strange work schedule today and ended up making his new favorite food since turning up gluten/dairy intolerant - manwiches. Ugh. At least the beef is from an O3 cow!

I didn't feel like working out either but I did it anyway. That really feels good doing what's right instead of what my lazy self wants.

I didn't sleep well last night. So I'm tired and going to read for a couple hours then go to bed early. I'm very grateful to have just gotten through this day food compliant!

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Made it through day one! Still a few hours left, but I'm going to bed early. Can't be noncompliant if I'm sleeping....well maybe in my dreams!

So excited right now, but yet realize it's only day one! I am prepared to not be feeling the best this first week after reading about the first week or two being the worst!

Hope you sleep well tonight Lizzy!

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Go Lizzy, go!

I came to find your journal after reading your post on my Whole30 success post. I could have written your first post here! I really did have serious food problems and it always amazed people who I would meet in real life after having known them online how small I was. I swear I had the brain of a person much heavier than I was...

The single best benefit of paleo for me BY FAR is that I now feel 'normal' about food. As an example, I'm dying to have some ice cream. I'm no longer on my Whole30, so technically, I could have some. I just am afraid of what the ice cream will do to the nice, sane, calm person I've become. I'm certain I can digest it, I just don't want the mental hit! I LOVE feeling this way and honestly, nothing will taste as good as how 'being-in-control' feels.

Anyway, hang in there...you can do it! The cravings get better shortly (for me, it was day 5) and then it's still another week or so before you start feeling AWESOME, but it happens. I promise!


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Hey Lizzy,

Thanks for the recipe - we are definitely going to try it. How did yours turn out? Sounds like you are hanging in there. I hope the cravings stop soon. check Johnny M's website www.eatingforidiots.com he has a number of good recipes. I made the Sweet Potato Fritters last night and we loved them. They were so good. I read about them in the recipe thread.

Have a great day!


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Day 4!!! YAY!!!! Pattylynn I hope you slept great and are off to a good start today. I had a few sleep issues again last night - this dang hip. But it feels good today so I'm going to forge ahead with Chalean. I know eating this way can only help it.

Catherine - thank you so much for stopping by with your words of encouragement! It really helps to know that we started from a similar place mentally, and that things might start getting better around day 5. That's tomorrow! YAY! I can make it until tomorrow!

Faith - we liked the pork. DH said it needed more salt (which I think can always be added later, but can never take away so I go light handed!). I like the hint of apply taste. The two apples I used weren't that big - I think next time I would put in a little more apple. But I think we will make this again!

Had some seriously icky dental work done recently and I got this stitches out this morning. Ugh. Let the healing begin. Another thing that I know will go better since I am eating this way!

Todays Food:

B: Egg/Egg White scramble with sausage, peppers from garden, onion. Tomato & 1/2 small avacado on the side. Yum. That kept me full until after noon!

L: Salmon with home made mayo (YUM), asparagus, tomato from the garden, mixed fruit (cantalope, strawberreis, blueberries

S: HB Egg if I'm really hungry

D: Apple/onion pork ribs, sweet potato, zucchini (I always swear I will NOT plant zucchini next year I get so tired of it!)

So far so good but afternoons are always the hard part if there is to be a hard part. No nuts today - HB Egg only. That decision is final. Saving my workout for the "witching hour" so I'll be distracted. I think I'm going to start a log in that section of the forum. Maybe someday I will learn to post food porn too. But for now you will have to use your imagination. :)

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Ahhhh. Today felt good. Ate according to my plan and that felt good too. I ended up not exercising with Chalean - I'm OK with that for today. I can consider doing it tomorrow.

I'm so glad for this forum and all the support and information. This + the book + the daily e-mails are making this feel possible. I'm excited just to know that I am not putting crap into my body - not today.

Be back for more tomorrow!

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