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Whole30+ Round 2!


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I completed my first whole30 on March 30th and didn't think I would need to extend my whole30 because I felt so good there was no way I'd let myself slip!


I have never been more wrong in my life! it's only been 4 weeks and I'm back to my junky, borderline-binging habits! I'm sluggish, sleepy, and gained back 6 of the 8lbs I lost in March, so I'm going for round 2 starting tomorrow! 


The only difference this time is that I'm not letting myself stop after 30 days. I clearly need more time to develop and commit to my habits so I'm planning on a whole45 - at which point I'll evaluate where I am and go from there.


Wish me luck!

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thanks! I rode the diet train for 4 years so I'm pretty experienced at catching a lapse into old behavior at this point. :rolleyes:


Today is starting strong!


Day 1


M1 = mushrooms sauteed in ghee, scrambled eggs with coconut milk, roaste carrots, and coffee blended with some coconut oil, ghee, and cocoa powder (100%, unsweetened).


M2 = (packed for work) pork baked with apples, roasted broccoli, and a handful of almonds.


M3 = not sure yet, probably more pork and whatever veggies I have left in my fridge.. maybe with mayo? I desperately need to buy more avocados on my grocery trip tomorrow!



This weekend will be busy with shopping with my sister, my usual grocery prep on Saturday (Trader Joe's, Produce Junction, and Giant, then prepping my veggies for the week), and a 5K at the Philly Zoo with my sister and Dad on Sunday! (we're not runners, but we love walking in 5k's! last week I did Run or Dye with some cousins and we had a blast!)

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