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My first W30 starts on Monday, 4/28/2014


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Hi!  I'm Rebecca, I'm going to be 43 in July, I've just been diagnosed with Asthma and LOTS of food allergies (have had seasonal allergies all my life), have eczema and am scheduled for a hysterectomy in June.  Ah, the joys of aging *lol*.


My husband and I lead a small church in Springfield, IL and we have 3 active children ages 3, 5, and 7.  I also Homeschool and have limited time for meal or food prep and it's caught up with me.  I also want to teach my children to adopt a healthy and natural eating habit now, instead of later when habits are more ingrained.

This is my first attempt at a Whole 30 lifestyle change.  It was recommended by my allergist that I do a food elimination diet for 30 days and slowly re-introduce foods... then she gave me NO advice of just HOW I was supposed to do this without feeling a mild panic, stress and that "pre-failure" feeling that sets in when you feel overwhelemed.  So, I started my online research for Autoimmune Paleo diets...


My food allergies include: Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Corn, Walnut & Peanut (I am not sure if this would include all Tree and Pea nuts - only these 2 were tested and they were high), Shrimp and Oranges.

SO - this excludes pretty much my entire pantry and left me feeling very overwhelmed when the Dr read me my allergy test results.  My first reaction was "What AM I going to be able to eat?!"

Thankfully, a friend of mine on FB pointed me to your website and I am grateful that there is a "How To" out there!  I am starting to feel hopeful again and will begin next week.  I know I will have to do a few substitions/exclusions due to my allergies, but that is a minor thing in the big picture.  I'm ready to have my health back!!  The other big plus with your website is the support that you have available.  It's a HUGE undertaking to re-invent yourself in a short time and I am grateful there are others out there willing to make a commitment to their health and the emotional/physical healing that comes with it.

Thanks so much for seeing a need and doing something positive to help others!


In Christ,

Rebecca W.



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Hi Rebecca, Here are a list of important resources that can help you along the way:


Modern culture tells us that everything is more important than meal or food prep, but I am beginning to think that most things are secondary to meal and food prep when properly understood. Of course, I may be under the influence of the latest book I am reading: Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating by Norman Wirzba.
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