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Committing to Whole30, starting May 1st, anyone else starting then?


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Hey everyone, I'm Mel from Australia, I've just turned 34, and this will be my first Whole30. I guess I've been sqidging around the idea of eating better for a long time, I've been a long term yoyo dieter, probably since high school, really struggling to maintain anything, and I'm hoping with the support here, I can really change my lifestyle.

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 almost 2 years ago, and have had varying success with diet change, I only like 85% and above chocolate now at least! My first six months, I went straight off sugar and really concentrated on my eating, and I lost 10kgs, but it didn't really affect my blood sugar levels. The following 6 months I started to exercise and let go a little of the tightness of my eating, and my bloods sugars were managed well, but no weight loss. My depression kicked in at this time due to a number of different things going on, and I struggled through the next 6 months, putting on weight and not looking after myself, but started doing a lot of reading about eating clean and about fat and cholesterol and sugar and my mind swirled around a lot! I've now made a lot of progress with my depression and have started exercising again. I believe that doing Whole30 will lead me in the right direction, and will also help me to be a good role model for my daughter who has picked up any number of my bad eating habits.

In my life, I'm a social worker, married for the second time, with one daughter from my previous marriage, Jules, who is the sunshine in my life. I work 30 hours per week, and spend other time either at the gym, in my garden, or indulging in some sci-if fantasy novel, TV show or movie. I'm also an member of our church council and part of the pastoral care team, while participating in toastmasters meetings fortnightly.

That's about it, hope to talk to you all soon!

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