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Karen's Whole30 Log


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Karen, I have read your journal and you have inspired me to get going. I also have a busy lifestyle so reading how you have managed has been great. 



I am so glad I could inspire someone!  Welcome to W30!


For me, it has been all about planning ahead, cooking lots of protein on the weekend so I can just throw things together quickly during the week!

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Day 28

Maybe I have hit "Kill.All.The.Things" a little late.... or maybe I am righteously upset. - probably a combination of both.

I have a busy life. I schedule my life to get all my busyness to fit in. I had an 11am appointment with a dog sitter to meet my animals. No show. No call. No email.... Not to mention this is a time that THEY set up - and I worked it into my life. (Shouldn't it be the other way around if they want my business?) It is now two hours later......

I did get some "office work" done at home while I was waiting for the appt. Then, when they were late, I did a little more gardening. I was waiting to go for a walk (before stopping at the grocery store, eating lunch, and being home for when the kids come home from school, etc). Now, it is two hours later and I don't have time to run the errands, let alone get a walk in..... I am a tad upset.

OK - thanks for the vent - enough of that. I have another appointment (with another dog sitter) on friday - maybe they want my business!

Other than all that, I am feeling pretty good today! Slept 7.75 hours! WooHoo! Kids off to school and breakfast made. I am enjoying the beautiful weather - there is just a hint of "getting too warm" in the air, but not so bad that the air conditioner has to be on. Windows and doors are open. I kept getting up from my desk to just go stand outside until I realize that I have WORK to do! Even the dogs can't make up their minds if they want to sit inside with me, or out on the back porch!

M1: 3 egg omelet with sausage and veggie hash inside, salsa and guacamole on top

M2: grass-fed beef burger on lettuce leaves (to wrap) with guacamole and shoes trip sweet potato piled on top

M3: grilled chicken wings, grilled broccoli and asparagus

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Understandably upset by that situation particularly  because you lead such a busy life. I hate to be kept waiting for anything it is a pet peeve of mine.

2 days to go until you hit the big 30!!!!! 

I reckon I may need to do a whole lotta of 30s to get to good health.

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End of Day 28 - I realized that it was really day 27....  somehow I miss counted and skipped day 25!  Ah, the joys of middle age, busy life, kids sucked the brain cells out of me when I was pregnant....  that's my story and Im sticking to it!


Yesterday, I got an email from the petsitter - no excuse, except she had "forgotten" our appointment.  She did come in the evening, but I am having a hard time with wondering if she will "forget" to stop by and feed my dogs....  Oh well, have another appointment on Friday with someone else.




Day 28 (feeling a little bit like Groundhog Day here.....)


In bed at 10pm last night, took a little while to fall asleep.  Woke at 440...  never went back to sleep.  Isn't that just the way when I have to work a day shift?  Was up late last night getting the kids ready for their school trip this weekend.  Why is it that I get told at 10pm that they have no sunscreen and their bags have to be at the school to be checked at 9am (not to mention I have to be at work before 7am).  Well, they didn't get their sunscreen.  I know, bad mom.


In the midst of that chaos, I was able to pack my meals for today to take to work with me.  Somehow, I am not really sure what I packed - I guess it will be a bit of a surprise :)  By the end of it, I didn't know what I had packed for fats, so I chucked in a WHOLE container of guac! I felt like I was scrambling to find veggies (no problem with protein).  It didn't help that my entire bag of green beans (stored in a paper bag, not plastic, in the fridge) had black mold all over them.  Yuck.....


Well, I will update my meals as I get to them today!

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Day 29


Wow, busy day at work today and I am beat.   have only been home about an hour.  Took care of dogs and ate my dinner.  Now am heading to bed.  Feeling good about today :)


M1:  4 SB eggs, guacamole, sweet potato veggie hash

M2:  spaghetti squash, homemade spaghetti sauce, meatballs

M3:  best chicken you'll ever eat, baby carrots with guacamole to dip, sliced beets


Good night all!

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Day 30.  Wow,  I can't quite believe that it has been a whole 30 days!  (pun intended)


I am not going to post much right now.  I am planning on spending a good part of the morning on a bit of a hike, contemplating my successes and "failures" of this program.  I will post more about that later


After a long day at work (sorry about the short post yesterday), I fell into bed about 10pm and slept until 730am.  Wow!  A slow start to my morning - from bed, I went out on the back deck and just sat, enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds.  Realized I was hungry so made a quick breakfast.  Met with another dog sitter this morning (here on the dot of 9am as scheduled!).  I am now getting ready to head out on my hike - the weather is perfect - I think the dogs will love it!


M1:  eggs scrambled with mushrooms and spinach cooked in ghee (better butter recipe from wf), blueberries




OK - so I feel like I am always posting that I am food shopping and cooking - but I am enjoying it!


Dogs and I went for a two mile walk, then I was off to the farmers market.  Enjoyed walking around and enjoying the weather while I was out!  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things that I couldn't get at the farmer's market and stopped the gentleman who was stocking the meat asking if they had a sugar free bacon.  Had a very long discussion with him about the whole30!  He told me how he was trying to eat better, but his diet still consisted of "white carbs" and he couldn't seem to lose weight or fix his labs....  He told me he was going to check out the whole30.  I wish him the best of luck.  (Still no luck finding sugar free bacon - I guess an hour drive to Whole Foods is in my future).


Going to lie down for a couple of hours and then I am off to work for a 5 night stretch this time.


M2:  applegate organic beef hotdogs (3), can of green beans, slice of grilled pineapple


packed for work:

M3:  3 SB eggs, 1 1/2 sausage patties (homemade), baby carrots, ranch dip (from www.theclothesmakethegirl.com

M4:  zucchini and cucumber noodles, shrimp cooked in ghee, with moroccan dip sauce over it all.

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Day 31


Work last night was busy!  Just when I thought we had delivered every baby in the county, another one came!  But the reward is welcoming a precious new life into the world  :P


I think I fell asleep this morning before I actually crawled into be.  Fitbit told me that I only took 1 minute to fall asleep!  I slept through until 1350, getting 5 hours exactly.  Instead of just lazing in the bed for the afternoon, and because the weather is soooo beautiful, I decided to take the dogs for a walk.  3.5 miles in one hour 5 minutes - one of my best walks yet (I usually average 18-19 min miles - today was 17.5).  Down in town, we have a great 5K loop path that follows the river and the canal before cutting through town.  It is for walkers and bikers - but to be fair, I am not sure how much the bikers get done weaving amongst the walkers.  So many people take their dogs with them too.  There is a bit of construction this summer along part of the path with a detour through a neighborhood (made a nice change), thus the slightly longer than 5k.


I woke up and ran out the door so fast that I didn't eat anything - and now I am hungry.  Time to get a PWO meal, then get ready to head to work!





Meals for today


PWO mini meal - smoked salmon chopped with mayo, pumpkin spinach baby food pack, pineapple spear (just because its so yummy and juicy right now)


M1:  tuna steak (marinaded in juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 grapefruit, 2 spears pineapple and 2 cloves of garlic - then grilled - then marinade was reduced in pan and pour over tuna with drizzle olive oil), grilled asparagus, pineapple spear


M2:  best chicken ever on HUGE bed of salad greens with blueberries (1/2 fist size), yellow bell pepper, cucumber, sm tomato and homemade ranch dressing


M3:  3 SB eggs, 1 1/2 homemade sausage patties, sweet potato veggie hash (light on the sp).

 A few days ago, I had fried some spiraled sweet potato in coconut oil.  I had quite a bit of the oil leftover and didn't want to waste it.  I had sprinkled the sweet potatoes with sunrise spice while cooking so the oil was infused with it.  I had poured the oil into a jar (through some cheesecloth) and set it in the fridge.  I pulled it out today to cook my hash with.  When I opened up the jar, the smell of the sunrise spice wafted out - Oh my goodness, those veggies are going to be delish!




So, meals all packed and ready to go - Tomorrows meals sitting in fridge.  (Tomorrow is sunday, so it is my short day for sleep since I go to church right after work and don't get home until after 11am.  I get all my meals ready so that I can sleep until the last minute, then get up, pull them out and pack my lunch bag, feed the puppies and I am out the door in about 10 minutes.)  I have about half an hour before having to leave for work.  I have already hit 12000 steps on the pedometer (granted almost 5000 of them were from work - midnight to 7am and the pedometer automatically clears itself at midnight).  I don't think I would say the Tiger Blood is back - I just don't have that "I can't sit still feeling", but I definitely am hitting another wave of energy, wanting to get out and do things.  Maybe it the weather, maybe the w60...  whatever it is, Ill take it.   :lol:

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Day 32


I have to admit that I slipped a little bit before going to bed this morning.  I was in church and feeling very sleepy.  In "the old days" I would keep small snacks in my purse to munch on if I was hungry, bored, tired, etc.  Without even thinking about it, I reached in and found a packet of almond butter that I must not have taken out.  I was halfway through it before I realized what I was doing.  Being tired makes it hard to make good choices.  I did finish the packet and just chalked it up to experience.


In by about 1145 this morning, slept right through to 550pm. Woke up with a vicious headache and still feeling tired.  Packed my lunch bag and headed out to work.  The headache is largely gone - not sure whether to blame it on the weather (pollen up and since its nice, the windows in the house are open), lack of sleep, or that I missed my bp meds yesterday (most likely reason). 


M1:  tuna steak, asparagus, and pineapple spear (as yesterday) with avocado


M2:  cucumber/zuchinni noodles with shrimp and moroccan dressing and avocado


M3:  venison stew (venison, carrots, celery, onion cooked in bone broth) with avocado (One whole avocado split between the three meals.


As most of this was leftovers, the amounts are a little bit smaller than I have been eating, so I also packed 3 SB eggs with carrot sticks and ranch dip in case I am hungry later.  (Update - I was hungry - ate every 3 hours or so - and I ate these  :) )

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Memorial Day - "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) - Image a love so great that a person lay down their life for a stranger as well.


To start, I first have to pause and take a moment for us to reflect on the reason for this holiday.  It is not about BBQs and beach parties, it is not about food that we eat or games that we play.  It is a time to stop and reflect back on and honor the men and women who fought for  and sacrificed for our freedom - for the freedom to have the BBQs, parties, get-togethers, the abundance of food and drink.


From the time that our Country was born, men and women have worked tirelessly and have sacrificed so much - time with family and friends, health, wealth, well being, and their lives.  Men and women who believe in the absolute truth of freedom.  


So, take a minute today in the midst of the festivities and remember them.





Day 33


I am missing the daily emails.  I was nice to have that morning reminder of why I am doing this.  


Maybe its the reflection of the meaning of this weekend and the lives lost in this ongoing fight.  Maybe Im just tired from this week of night shifts.  Maybe its because it is 82 degrees in my house and my kitchen is hot.  Maybe.....   maybe a lot of things.


Slept over 7 hours today, but woke up with a pounding headache.  My legs and feet are so swollen they hurt. My knees ache and my eyes burn.


Today, I didn't want to make my meals.  I didn't want to take the time to even think about what to put together.  I perused the fridge - I have some peppers, some broccoli, green cabbage and some red cabbage - and I didn't want to take the time or the effort to put anything together.  I didn't want to think ahead to the three more night shifts followed by a day shift that I still have to do.  


I am frustrated that although I have lost some weight, it is not "melting" off.  I am glad I am back in my summer clothes, but wish that I was in that box of "small" clothes that is tucked in the closet.


I wanted to go to a BBQ with friends and not care about what I ate.  I wanted to fellowship instead of going to work.  I wanted to see my kids (they are with their father when I work night shifts).  And since I couldn't do those things, I wanted to pull the covers over my head and stay in the bed.  


This is the feeling I have on my "diets" that make me jump off the wagon and run in the opposite direction from where it is heading.  I run out to fast food and pick up burger and fries or a pizza or best yet, chinese.  This is when I overindulge in the "bad" and pay for it for the next couple of days.


But I didn't.  I got up and made my meals tonight.  I unearthed a little more veg in the fridge and made a couple of quick easy meals.  I BBQ'd some wings (made the sauce even) so that I could "pretend" I was joining in with everyone else.  I decided to worry about tomorrows meals tomorrow.


I stayed compliant.


I reminded myself that I am doing this because I want to be healthy, to feel good.  I am doing this so that I am not in pain every day when I get up.  I am doing this so that I can get up!  I am doing this most of all because I want to be HAPPY!  Enough said.




M1:  venison/bone broth stew with avocado


M2:  4 BBQ chicken wings (sauce from WF2), zoodle/coodle (cucumber) noodles with blanched asparagus with moroccan dip sauce (WF), 1/2 large sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice


M3:  3 eggs, 4 small asian meatballs (nomnompaleo), carrot sticks with ranch dip, blueberries

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I stayed compliant.


And you are proud of yourself, instead of the guilt and "Ugh, why did I do that?!" you would feel when you were done stuffing your face with drive-through food or Chinese.  You know deep down that the satisfaction those foods gives us is so fleeting, but the satisfaction you are getting from this program is lasting.  Good job!  This time is different.  This time is not a diet.  This time you will not resort back to your old habits.  :)

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Day 34

I can't believe I missed logging yesterday! A bit of sleepy fog perhaps? I slept 7 hours, heading for the kitchen as soon as I woke up to cook my meals. I was cooking double portions yesterday so I would have food for tomorrow as well. Lets see if I can remember what I had...

M1: 3 SB eggs, 2 chicken wings, carrot sticks with ranch dip, last of the blueberries

M2: best ever chicken, red cabbage sauteed with apples and proscuitto, sweet potato with better butter

M3: 4 egg frittata with veggies (mushrooms, onions, peppers, asparagus) covered with salsa and avocado


Day 35

Today, woke at noon (4hours of sleep) and couldn't get back to sleep. It was HOT in my house today - and raining outside. Kids came home this afternoon so we spent a lovely couple of hours laying on my bed just chatting and getting caught up with each other. DS has been sick over the last several days. Between that and the rain and a serious lack of food in my fridge, dinner was a bit of a hodgepodge. DD heated up some spaghetti from the freezer, DS only wanted scrambled eggs and toast with honey. (Can I admit that I almost licked the honey knife - the kids laughed at me when I realized what I was doing and practically wiped my tongue with the dishtowel!) I pulled out a couple of things prepped yesterday when I cooked and pieced together another meal without any veggies. A quick stop at the grocery store on my way to work netted me some carrot and celery sticks with a container of guacamole to complete my meal.

M1: eggs fritta (as above) minus the salsa since I used that up yesterday and guac instead of avocado (didn't get to eat - too busy)

M2: best ever chicken (the last of it), red cabbage (as above), sliced apple and sunbutter

M3: 3 SB eggs, 2 applegate organic beef stadium dogs, carrot and celery sticks with guacamole 

This is my last night shift (and it won't be over soon enough). Tomorrow will be a short day of eating, then I work daylight hours on friday. Looking forward to grocery shopping saturday!

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Day 36


A short day - and a quiet lazy one at that.  I slept from 8am tip 1pm, waking to a call from the school that DS was sick and would I please come get him.  After getting him home and settled, I spent the rest of the afternoon lying in bed listening to the rain.   DD was home a couple hours later and by then DS was feeling better.  We spent an hour chatting.  (Love those times!)


DD went off to one of her many activities and I took DS back to the school to pick up the car (so he would have a way to school in the morning).  I headed home via the grocery store for chicken soup (yes, the processed kind - it was all he wanted).  By the time I got home I realized I was starving and I also had to think about meals for tomorrow.  (I need to pack tonight for daylight work hours tomorrow)


I steamed the last of the broccoli and made some salmon cakes.  When my mom had come to stay with the kids last night (while I worked), she had brought a wild hog hindquarter (bone in).   As she had put it in the fridge instead of the freezer, it was already partially thawed by time I had come home.  So, I decided to crock-pot it.  I pulled out a couple links of keilbasa and a jar of sauerkraut to cook with it.  Lo and behold it wouldn't fit in the crockpot.  As I have no oven, I really had no other way to cook it.  There had been a couple of other times I had trouble fitting what I wanted to cook in my crockpot so this gave me a perfect excuse to buy a new, bigger one (yes, I do crazy impulsive things when I am really tired - at least it wasn't eating a bunch of bad for me food).  After all, I couldn't let a great piece of meat go to waste and I was too tired to try to debone it (I did give that a go but gave up quickly).


So, 45 minutes and a new crock pot later, my dinner for the kids tomorrow (with plenty of leftovers for the next few days) is cooking away, and I am finally sitting down to enjoy my dinner and trolling the whole30 forum  :ph34r:


M1:  3 salmon cakes (WF2 - the spicy sweet version- and next time I think I will increase the amount of salmon) with homemade tartar sauce (WF2 - got to try to make this thicker next time), steamed broccoli (whole head) and dill pickles.

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As I read your post I thought how is she going to fit that in a slow cooker. Glad you found a solution!

I really don't know how you do the whole shift work and have a life thing I know I would not cope nearly as well as you do.

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Note to self: do not crock pot food on the nights you are trying to turn your sleep back around to "normal". You know you don't sleep as well (much lighter and not as long). Waking up at 330am to the smell of delicious food is just going to make you hungry and not be able to get back to sleep......

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After waking at 330 this am, and having to go to work at 630, I knew it was going to be a long day.


God was watching out for me though....  when I was hungry and couldn't get back to sleep this morning, I finally got up about 5am and had a snack.  Now, I never eat before getting to work - usually I am up and out of the house too quickly - and I usually eat after I see my patients for the first time.  This morning, I got the kids off to school, headed into work and hit the ground running.  I never had a chance to eat anything for the rest of the day.  (I was lucky to run to the bathroom once around 3pm).  I finally got out of there at 815 (an hour later than normal) and have made it home.  I had a fight with myself: eat or sleep.....  Somehow I wasn't all that hungry, but knew that since it was a short day yesterday, I knew I had to eat.  Had my meal, am finishing the blog, and am going to bed!  Here's to sweet dreams (and I don't mean non-compliant ones) to everyone tonight!


M1:  (5am) - 2 salmon cakes with homemade tartar sauce


M2:  (830pm) - from last nights' crockpot:  wild hog, keilbasa and sauerkraut

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Slept quite well last night - 930pm til 530pm.

Lazed in bed til almost 8am watching some food documentaries on YouTube and Netflix. Then up to start my day. A trip to the dump, then the farmers market, the butcher and then my "egg lady". Was home by 1pm to take DD to her training meeting, then home to BBQ ribs for DS to eat for lunch before he headed off to work. I spent the afternoon running to the grocery store for a last couple of things I couldn't get at the farmers market, then made several dishes to stock the fridge.

As I sat watching tv in the evening, falling asleep instead of watching, I figured I should go to bed. Instead, I started SYTYCD that was dvrd, and now it is after 10 and I am wide awake.... Bummer.

M1: last of the frittata (that I didn't get to eat at work - the last several times I took it), leftover sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice

M2: 2 bone section of BBQ ribs (bbq'd with a dry rub), steamed broccoli

M3: pork and sauerkraut

Craving ice cream tonight! Good thing there is none in the house!

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Day 39

Great day at church today! At least until we went out to eat. About an hour and a half later I was not feeling good at all. The only thing I might be able to narrow it down to is the oil I put on my salad. I didn't think to ask what kind of oil it was :(

M1: carrot soup, 4 eggs scrambled with ghee, guacamole

M2: unseasoned grilled steak (no butter), steamed broccoli, roasted spaghetti squash, salad bar (greens, cuke, egg, tomato) with oil and balsamic vinegar

No meal 3: upset tummy from lunch....

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Day 40


I can't believe it's the big 4-0!  I think that the w30 has actually become more of a lifestyle and less like a "diet".  I am not saying that I don't crave anything bad (found an empty Lindt truffle container and was actually hoping one would be left...) but it is easier to tell myself no.


After church yesterday, before I headed to bed, I had prepped and packed my meals for today.  I slept well, waking at about 430am (8hrs) and just lay quietly in bed for some time communing with God and reflecting on all the things I have to be thankful for - many of which evolved from w30 - sleeping better, feeling better, etc


I finally got up and made breakfast for the kids and packed their lunches before sending them off to school.  Then I was off to work.  It started busy, and has stayed that way!  I start work at 7am, and finally got to eat lunch around 1030am.  Lunch was bite by bite from 4pm-6pm, and I am just now enjoying dinner at 10 pm.  I will probably be here at work until midnightish.....  *sigh*


I am looking forward to being off work tomorrow :)


M1:  4 eggs scrambled in sausage grease, one sausage patty, carrot soup


M2:  pork ribs, beets, sesame zoodles (very yummy - found on zenbellycatering.com)


M3:  2 salmon cakes (wf...2?), dill pickle slices and homemade tartar sauce

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Day 41


Last night I didn't get home until 1am (from work - could only wish I was out having a good time!).  Fell into bed, sound asleep in seconds and woke at 0610 just before the alarm.  Once I got DS and DD off to school, I went to do some home office work - laid down on the bed "just for a few minutes" and woke up at noon.  Guess I needed the sleep.


What woke me up was DS texting me (from school no less) to let me know that he needed a plain black tie for an awards ceremony tonight. (Could you give me just a few hours more notice please?)  Off I went to scour the stores - and think I found the last black tie available.


Once I had the tie, I picked the kids up from school and took DS to the DR for a checkup.  He is growing up - this was to meet his new DR, an internal medicine doc instead of a pediatrician (where did my babies go?).  Then back to the store where I found the tie to buy him a suit.  Dinner for the kids was Chick-Fil-A.  This, and McDonalds were always my go to.  As I was smelling the chicken sandwiches and fries from the back seat - I WANTED TO EAT ALL THE FOOD!!!!!!  But, I refrained.  


Once home, DS changed his clothes, I scrambled up a couple eggs and packed a quick meal and we headed to the school for the awards ceremony.  DS received a National Merit Commendation for being in the top 5% - nationwide- on his PSAT scores (he was actually in the 98th percentile).  I am one proud mommma!


Home late after the ceremony to find that one of the dogs had chewed off the child proof latch to the slide out trash can, pulled out the bag, eaten half way down the side of the trash can and dumped everything (every smelly, meat juicy, veg peeling rotting piece of everything) in the middle of the kitchen floor.  (I admit I should have taken it to the dump a couple days ago - just haven't had the time).  So, I spent half an hour cleaning the kitchen.


Off to bed now - busy day ahead!  I get to visit with my momma!




M1:  4 eggs scrambled with mushrooms and spinach in ghee


M2:  4 eggs scramble in ghee, 2 sausage pattys, carrot sticks, creamy sesame zoodles


Somehow, in all the running around, I missed a meal......

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