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Karen's Whole30 Log


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Karen, do I take this to mean that you got through your birthday without your mom making the cake?  If so, Happy Birthday and CONGRATS!   :D


My mom makes a killer Black Forest Cherry Cake - full of Kirsch (and who could pass that up).  If she did make it, and  If I did have a bite, I'm not going to admit it...... ;)  


I will say that I have TONS of cake in my house - graduation cake bought by XMIL, family birthday cakes, etc....  I kept telling everyone "It doesn't come in my house!"  - then they all hand a huge plateful to the kids to bring home!  I haven't indulged in any of that! Don't really even want it.  Just waiting for it to go too stale for the kids to eat, then it will go in the trash.  They don't eat much of it often, but if I throw it away before they are ready, I'll never hear the end of it!

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Day 56

M1: 2 aidells chicken apple sausage, zoodles with moroccan dipping sauce

M2: blackened chicken, charcoaled asparagus, slightly underdone sweet potato with ghee/sunrise spice (whatever made me think that sweet potatoes and asparagus take the same amount of grilling time.... not on the ball today!)

M3: chocolate chili

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Long day at work today - after a late night. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night since I am puppy sitting. It was quite an adventure when the 9mo lab puppy met my two dogs! Can anyone say chaos?

Up a little earlier this am to take care of everyone :)

M1: 4 sb eggs, guacamole, zoo does with Moroccan dipping sauce

M2: 2 aidells chicken sausage, blueberries, watermelon, coleslaw

M3: chocolate chili

M4 2 aidells chicken sausage, apple, 1/2 sweet potato

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Day 58

Not enough sleep last night! As I mentioned before, I am puppy sitting. DD did an excellent job while I was at work taking care of him. When I got home, it was time for him to go out, then we sat in the living room while I watched SYTYCD. Wait, did I say "sat" and "watched"? Hmmmm... Here's the thing. Little puppy (LP) has inflammation in his shoulder. He is on anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and pain meds. His vet wants him to stay in his crate except for potty breaks. When he doesn't want to be in there, he barks. His barks are high pitched..... So, I let him stay with me in the living room for about an hour, on a leash so he wouldn't run around. Does anyone realize how much a puppy, even on a short leash, can get into? :P

He really is a very, very good LP, just has energy that he can't burn off by going out in the yard to go running. The saddest part is that he has to stay confined for 2 weeks! Poor thing.

So, we went to bed at 1030 last night, and he was up by 530 this morning. Out to potty at 530, then at 7, at which point I had to run my dogs out to the vets. When I got home, we went out for another potty break, then I went back to bed (around 8am). back up at 1030, back to sleep, then back up at 1230. Instead of going back to bed, I got engrossed in the movie "Bolt" that my DD was watching. I hate how cartoon movies make me cry! Now, catching up on the forum before I have to take the kids to their dads, pick up the puppies, make my meals for tonight, and hopefully get another small nap in there somewhere.

This weekend is going to be a little bit of a challenge. I am only working three nights, but the middle one is a 16 hour shift (3p-7a). That will cut into my sleeping on saturday, and sunday is a short sleep day anyway. I have gotten used to my dogs being able to go out when they want (dog door), so am losing a little bit of sleep with the puppy here. He should be going home sunday night or monday morning so I should be able to catch up on my sleep on Monday!


M1: 3 sb eggs, guacamole, butternut squash soup

M2: chicken leg/thigh, green beans w/Moroccan dipping sauce, sweet potato w/ghee and sunrise spice, beets

M3: chocolate chili, blueberries

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Day 59

M1: sweetpotato hash with mushrooms, onions, peppers and ground beef

M2: chicken leg quarter, steamed broccoli/cauliflower/ carrots, sweet potato w ghee, avocado

M3: butternut/carrot soup, 2 aidells chicken apple sausage, beets, blueberries

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Day 60!


Two down!  More to go! 


I did not meet my goals this time  (ie, exercising twice a week) but I did walk more on my second w30 than on my first.  That's really not saying a whole lot, though.....


I have a big challenge coming up this w30 - an out of town trip.  My goal - to stay completely compliant!


As I am in the midst of night shifts, I am going to wait a day or so to do my weights and measurements for the end of the cycle.  In the meantime, I am going to continue on and do another whole30.


Puppy sitting is not something that should be done when you are working night shift....  I am tired!  I did manage to get a 3 hour stretch of sleep today (probably 5-6 hours total), but have to say that I am glad that this is the last night and the puppy goes home tomorrow evening.  All that being said, it's going to be a long night tonight!


One thing that I am a little concerned about:  I am having trouble remembering things sometimes.  I know there are times that I am just tired, but it is getting a bit frequent.  I am not talking about little things - but things like not remembering people that I have met.  Kind of scary....  I will pay better attention this week about what I am eating, try to up some of my starchy carbs too.  I have two more day shifts to work this week and then I will be off for about 2 1/2 weeks.  Hopefully that will give me time to catch up on my sleep as well as have better sleeping/ eating hours.  Maybe that will help.


M1:  ground beef, sweet potato/mushroom/onion/pepper hash with spinach


M2:  2 aidell chicken apple sausage, baby carrots with guacamole, blueberries and beets


M3:  roasted chicken breast with moroccan dipping sauce, sweet potato with ghee, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, apple

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Karen, I JUST listened to John Kiefer's latest podcast with Nina Teicholz, author of the newly released book The Big Fat Surprise.  Your comment about not being able to remember things immediately made me think of this podcast, and made me think:  MORE FAT.  They must have discussed memory issues.  I know they discussed fat & the brain.






I know you need more sleep -- you of course are right on about that.  But it does seem like you get to "catch up" eventually, being able to sleep 10-11 hours some days.  Unless you are consistently going for weeks at a time with 5-6 hours of sleep, you should not be having issues like not being able to remember people you have met, or things that seem major to you, you know?


So my vote is to up the fat, ASAP, and see what sort of a difference you notice.  Good luck & hey, CONGRATS on another Whole 30!  You rock!  :D

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Brewer5 - I am going to listen to this as soon as i get a chance.  It makes sense.  II didn't think I was missing out - was making sure I had fat in all my meals.  Somehow, I began counting the fat that I cooked with for some meals.  Then realized that the amount of avocado/mayo, etc had fallen off a little bit.  I have up'd my fats for the last couple of days and am hoping to get caught up on sleep tonight.




Day 61


Didn't sleep extremely well today - the puppy was feeling better so had more energy (i.e. - didn't want to settle down).  After several trips outside, I finally fell asleep for about four hours.  He went home with his mommy and daddy this evening.  Amazing how quiet the house has been for the last several hours :)  Have been up this afternoon and now that it is bedtime, I am not feeling very tired.  Thought I would just write my blog and head off to bed anyway.


Tomorrow morning, I will complete my measurements and update my w30 success log.


M1:  spinach salad with yellow pepper, jicama, mushrooms, chicken - liberally dressed with Tessamae's ranch dressing


M2:  3 aidells chicken apple sausages (3 left in packet and I didn't see the point in keeping just one in the fridge), baby carrots, guacamole


Good Night!

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Day 62


Busy day today!  


Without the puppy, I slept in until almost 7 - about 8 hours total.  Was ready to go, but DD was still sleeping.  I finally woke her at nine by making a lot of noise in the kitchen.  We headed out to run some errands and then go to moms house to cook my bacon.


So, here's the story about the bacon.  When I started my first w30, I drove to Trader Joes and Whole Foods (which are over an hour away) and there I found compliant bacon.  I was in heaven.  I bought up three packs.  As I was getting ready to start my second w30, I made another trip to buy some more bacon (since what I had was all gone!).  There was none to be found!  I was crestfallen.  In all my "research" on the internet looking for things to eat, I had found some sites where people had "made" their own bacon.  A quick google search and I was buying my pork belly before leaving Whole Foods.  That day, I was making my salt and spice cure.  That was last week.  What I didn't research far enough was that it had to be baked.  Of course, my oven is still broken......  thus, the trip to my moms.  We baked it per the directions, then came the fun of trying to slice it thin   :D   I think that next time I will partially freeze it after baking to make it easier to slice.  But, it all looked good - so we fried some up.  The general consensus:  It tasted like bacon  :wub:


After that, homeward bound to pick up DS, out to dinner, and then on to a party.  Now, I am cooking (in the dark) on the grill a bunch of chicken to last the next couple of days and packing my meals for work tomorrow.  Whew.


M1:  tinned salmon, mayo, dill pickle relish.  Blueberries and carrot sticks


M2:  rotisserie chicken, carrots and guacamole


m3:  (lonestar restaurant) hamburger (no bun) with lettuce, tomato, guacamole  and a baked potato with cinnamon


M4:  2 small chicken drumsticks, small apple, sun butter.....  was feeling hungry and there isn't much left in the house to eat!


The waitress at the restaurant was very helpful.  I explained that I had some dietary restrictions (no dairy, no gluten, no soy - esp the soy due to an allergy).  I asked how the grilled chicken was prepared - on a hot grill.  Then I asked about the marinade.  She went to the kitchen to ask and came back telling me that it would be alright since it was marinated in italian dressing.  They could leave off the bbq sauce.  I told her that it was out due to the dressing.  Baffled, she asked why, and I explained that italian dressing has soy bean oil in it.  With a straight face she said it wasn't soybean oil, but vegetable oil.  When I explained that most vegetable oils include soybean oil, she didn't believe me.  She went back to the kitchen, then ran back apologizing - when she read the ingredients, there was soybean oil!   :rolleyes:   At least she was trying to be helpful!  After that, she was a bit more conscientious about the ingredients and we found something other than steak for me.  Have to admit it was a really, really good burger.

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Day 63: yesterday. Not a good day at all. Only about 6 hours of sleep, then off to work. Along with my patient care, my manager kept pulling me into the office for little "projects". By the end of the day, I had eaten half my breakfast, spread out over a few hours, and that was about it. Left work late and headed right to church where I had some office work to catch up on (payroll day) and Praise Team practice. Even by the end of the work day I had a headache - not to mention the body aches (hip/back/knees/etc).

Despite not feeling good at all, DD and I stopped at the grocery store because I had a craving. I know, I shouldn't go shopping when I am hungry, tired, etc. But I was craving eggs (of all things!) and couldn't wait for friday to see my egg lady! I have been almost 2 weeks without eggs! The store bought are not as nice as the fresh, but it would do. ;)

By the time I was home, I knew I had to eat so I went digging through the fridge and came up with an eclectic "dinner" of sorts.... even DD was looking at me funny!

Watched SYTYCD while I was eating and just relaxed. In bed way too late (1130pm) but I am off work tomorrow.

M1: spinach salad with rot. chicken breast, jicama, blueberries, yellow bell pepper and liberally sauced with tessamaes ranch dressing. baby carrot sticks dipped in mayo/tessamaes dip.

M2: 2 chicken legs (grilled), 3 eggs, sweet potato with ghee, apple with sun butter.


Day 64

Was in bed at 1130 again last night - just exhausted. I was so looking forward to sleeping in today! ....then I woke up at 618 am..... *sigh*

I awoke with the realization that my vacation has started! I have a few busy days ahead getting ready to go out of state (Just found out there was internet at the lodge we are staying at so you will still hear from me!!!) But the biggest thing was realizing that I don't go back to work for 3 whole weeks! I will have to stop by to keep up with a couple of my PI projects, but thats about it!

Lazed in the bed a little bit until I couldn't listen to my tummy growl anymore. Made an epic breakfast this morning. Fueling up for the day!

M1: sweet potato hash with peppers, onions, mushrooms (cooked in bacon fat) on a bed of spinach, 4 eggs fried in avocado oil, blueberries and 2 strips of homemade bacon (yummy!) and guacamole

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Karen, will you come live with us, please?  My kids walked past while I was looking at your picture and my oldest said, "Wow, where is that?" like he thought it was a picture from a restaurant menu or something.  :D


ENJOY your vacation!  Stay strong and don't give in to the old memories of "vacation food"... you know what I'm talking about -- we all have them!  ;)  Not worth it, not worth it, NOT worth it.

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It was so nice to have a filling, non-rushed, reasonable mealtime breakfast this morning! I got a little bit of a later start running errands today, but got quite a bit done. Even had time to spend with DD before she went to her activities. Haven't seen much of DS lately - typical teenager, sleeps past noon, then rushes to get to work..... Hopefully I will see him tonight - if he gets home before I decide to go to bed!!! Ha!

Lunch was a bit late, but I was hungry a couple housr later. Held off for a bit by running more errands and came home to dinner in the crock pot. Love it :) Lots on the agenda, but not feeling pressure yet. My push days are going to be monday and tuesday, shopping, cooking etc to take everything with me for a week! Whew!

M2: 2 chicken legs, 1 TJ chicken basil sausage (not liking these - won't get again), bag of steamed/frozen broccoli/cauliflower and carrots with moroccan dipping sauce over everything, and a handful of macadamia nuts

M3: big bowl of venison stew.


Ended up getting quite hungry this evening. Not surprised since dinner was short on fat. Tried to go to bed and ignore it but my tummy was growling so loud I couldn't sleep. So, I got up and ate :). Ended up watching a couple episodes of "Chopped". While I am on vacation, not having to work or flip flop my sleeping, I am going to try to really listen to my body - eating when I am truly hungry. We'll see how it goes!

M4: 3 small chicken legs, baby carrots, guacamole

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Day 65


Today was one of those days where you are super busy, but only half of your list gets done because everything takes 3 times longer than it should.....  I did make a dent in my "To Do before Vacation" list, and didn't have much on tomorrows (at least until I added half of todays!)...  


Guess what I am trying to say is that I am very, very tired - can't even summon the energy to stalk the forum  :ph34r:


M1:  sunrise scramble (with bacon instead of pork) over a bed of spinach


M2:  (at the end of the day) 1 chicken leg, 1 TJ chicken sausage, 2 andouille sausage, sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice, frozen mixed vegies


M3:  just before bed:  tin of smoked oysters in olive oil, apple, sun butter.......  (horrible template, but compliant - just too tired....)

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Hello. I'm also a nurse- Level 1 trauma ER, but I work days. It is rough when you work in a hospital for 12.5 hrs and people are constantly bringing in food, candy, snacks, etc. For me tomorrow it is a co-workers b-day, and I know everyone is ordering pizza and bringing in cake. In addition to all of the snacks which will be hanging around per usual. It is also tough when you don't get a lunch break and are running on your feet all day with no time to pee or eat! Good luck with sticking too it, and keep up the good work!  And-get some sleep. I work two jobs, but I limit my 12 hrs shifts to 3/week, then pick up 8-16hrs at another ER. I don't know how you maintain that schedule with kids at home, and overnights. 

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abarbs: Nursing is definitely something you do because you have a passion for it. If not, you would never last through the longs hours, no breaks, holding the bladder, getting yelled at/ kicked/ etc..... our rewards come in small things :)


Note to self: don't eat sun butter and smoked oysters right before going to bed.... Woke up with refluxy feeling and when I had breakfast, I had difficulty swallowing (my usual GI symptoms when I am not good to myself....). - ugh....


Yesterday, amongst all the things that took much longer to do than usual, was stopping at my egg lady's to pick up my egg order. Some of her hens had stopped laying so she didn't have a full four dozen as usual. She wanted to check to see if any had been laid since the morning. It was my first time in a chicken coop! The hens were actually kind of funny, running to us and staying with us. I think they believed it was dinner time (theirs, not mine :P ). We found about dozen more eggs. I didn't know that ducks would lay their eggs and then bury them in the soft dirt around the edges of the coop. Talk about seeing where your food comes from! I ended up with 2 dozen chicken, 2 dozen guinnea, and a dozen duck eggs. I usually just get the chicken eggs so this will be fun to try something new!

This morning, despite a late night, I was awake at 5 am. I finally rolled out of bed at 630, figuring that if I hadn't fallen back to sleep by then, I wasn't going to. Actually have made it to bedtime without a nap.... if you don't count the 10-15 minutes of the TV show that I missed this afternoon :rolleyes:

The day was quite productive (unlike yesterday). Today things went much faster than they usually do and I often found myself waiting around for the next store to open. The car got its oil changed and a check up so we are ready for a cross country trip. Then, I hit the Farmers Market, then 3 different grocery stores. Amid all that, I stopped by the Verizon Store to make some changes to my account as well. (That usually takes forever - I was out in 10 minutes!) Came home for lunch, then started cooking different things that are going with me. I am kind of pacing myself, only cooking things that will be frozen (to keep the cooler cool), and trying to save things like the veg for later.

I made a great dinner for DS and I (DD is staying with a friend). About halfway through the prep, he decided he was going to go out for chinese. Now, in the old days, I would have stopped what I was doing and had a chinese food feast: typically I would have Crab Rangoon, Sesame Wontons, General Tsoas chicken, Fried rice and an Egg Roll (and then wonder why I was sick the next day :huh: ). Today, I actually thought about it, then decided that I really didn't want it. It wasn't about not wanting to feel sick - I just didn't "have the taste for it". I was a little bit shocked.

When DS asked me what I wanted (chinese food) and I said nothing, He held his hand to my forehead and asked what was wrong. I simply answered, "I can't have that". Now, he had offered to make me breakfast and lunch when he was making his (waffle, and turkey/cheese in a tortilla shell) and I had given him the same reply. (I was also wondering where he has been for the last 66 days!) When I said it about the chinese food, he finally became exasperated and said, "Well, what CAN you eat?" I just had to laugh! I have to admit, though, that I enjoyed my dinner a whole lot more!

M1: (eaten at the car garage as the oil was changed) 5 eggs (guinnea - so they are tiny), baby carrots, guacamole, blueberries

M2: spinach salad with chicken, jicama, bell pepper and a healthy amount of tessamaes dressing.

M3: 2 hamburger patties (with chopped cooked mushrooms and onions mixed into meat) with guacamole, sautéed onion and bacon. Frozen broccoli, carrot, snap pea water chestnut mix. Grilled veggie skewers (recipe from AnnB's log) - oh these were yummy. After eating, I realized I hadn't made the dip sauce for the veggies .... maybe next time!

Now, off to bed!!!! Hopefully I will sleep in tomorrow morning! -_-

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Day 67


Planning and Prep are the key!!!!


I knew it was going to be a long day today - and it was.  First, off to church.  I packed breakfast for myself and lunches for DS and I as I was taking him to the airport for his trip to FBLA Nationals competition.


Just before we left the church, DD called me and wanted to ride along (she needed the driving time coming home towards getting her drivers license).  I did not have  a lunch for her, nor did she eat before I picked her up so I ended up sharing my lunch with her.  Thus, I was hungry and tired by supper time, which led to impromptu decisions being made....


On the way home, because highway traffic was horrendous (took us 40 minutes to drive less than 5 miles at one point), we made a couple of detours and stopped at not one, but two Whole Foods Markets looking for Tessamae's Ranch dressing.  Neither store carried it.  But I picked up a bottle of lemon garlic dressing.  My only other choice was Soy Ginger and that wouldn't be compliant (not to mention would wreck havoc on my soy allergy!).  After getting closer to home we stopped at Walmart for a couple of must have items for the upcoming trip (sunscreen, anyone?) and that turned into a one hour shopping trip....  Soooo, by this time DD and I are both hungry.  She wanted, of all things, chinese.  I suppose that what was once a weekly habit for the family, after 66 days without, the kids were craving it.  Well, this time, I actually had to go into the resturatnt and smell the food.  As I said earlier, I was tired.  I ended up ordering.....  I behave though!  Came home with my dinner and whipped up a sun butter/coconut sauce for my steamed meat and veggies thanks to AnnB.  Hit the spot!


M1:  leftover hamburger with guacamole,  leftover roasted veggies


M2:  3 guinnea eggs SB, baby carrots and guacamole, blueberries


M3:  steamed chicken and veggies with sunbutter/coconut sauce, then sliced apple to scoop up the leftover sauce at the bottom of the bowl :)


I have been feeling very gassy and bloated today - not quite sure what is going on.  Maybe it was being in the car all day, or maybe what I have been eating.  Looking back at my logs, I have had a larger than usual amount of:

  • sun butter - SWYPO, gotta stop it 
  • broccoli
  • raw or very lightly cooked veg

In any case, I didn't help myself with the sauce at dinner tonight, (more sun butter) since it contains coconut milk which I know I am "sensitive" to....  Im going to try to change things up a little bit over the next couple of days - and leave the sun butter in the pantry  :rolleyes:

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Everything you listed can certainly cause gas & bloating... but as you know, nuts/seeds/butters can be soooo dangerous for me....  So of course that stands out to me.


Leaving it in the pantry for a few days (at least) will tell you if it has been the culprit or not, and also confirm for you whether it has been becoming a "problem" food as it is for me.  If you find yourself missing it and feeling sad about it... bingo.  ;)

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The countdown is on - leaving in two days!!!! I can't wait to see my family, but a lot has to be done between now and then!

Today: Cooked up a storm this morning while I was also having breakfast and cleaning up to go out for the day. Late morning, DD and I went out to have our toes done. (Every girl deserves a little "love me" time!) Then on to the dollar store and the grocery store. Home for more cooking. The pet sitter came by while I was grilling (I was grilling when she came by last month too). Now, I am getting ready to go out to dinner with friends.

Made today: Sunrise spice, 2 batches of mayo, 3 batches of Moroccan Dipping Sauce (dry ingredients separate from wet, will put together and add herbs on Friday), 6 pounds zucchini spiraled (4 more to go), 3 chickens grilled, chicken salad made, pinwheel pasta salad (for the kids) made, the veggies cooked for sweet potato/veg hash, a dozen eggs boiled (will be taking 3 dozen uncooked eggs with us), ketchup, ..... I can't think of anything else.... Need to cook my sweet potatoes tonight to freeze the hash before we travel. Tomorrow, I will spirale the rest of the zucchini and chop up all my veggies. Oh, and at some point, I think I need to do laundry and pack my bag! I have been so wrapped up in food, I almost forgot about clothes!!!!

M1: 3 duck eggs, fried in bacon fat, bacon, frozen mixed veggies

M2: grilled leg and thigh of chicken, baby carrots, huac, blueberries

M3: going to Outback - plan to have Double Burger w/o cheese, mayo or bun subbing broccoli or sweet potato for the fries. Taking my own mayo and ghee. - once at the resturant, added a side salad (no croutons or cheese). Since I hadn't packed dressing, I asked for a couple lemon slices to squeeze over the salad... A little salad and pepper with it and I was golden :)

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Day 69

I am getting a new appreciation for my mother and all those moves and camping trips she had to pack for. Somehow, adding food into the mix (not to mention trying to get DS ready for two trips at the same time) has really changed things up.

DD is a planner. She will pack for a trip weeks, if not a month or more in advance. Go through her bags multiple times unpacking and repacking. She is awesome at getting lots of stuff into small bags. I am a planner too - but I am a list maker. Usually, I can throw things into a bag at the last minute and be good to go. Now that I am preparing food ahead of time, and having to pack it the day we leave (what's frozen, what's not... what has to stay cool, what can be in an open bag, breakfast and lunches for travel days, etc), I am thrown a little off kilter. Then, I add in work projects and church responsibilities that need to be tenderly left in someone else's hands (can we just say I am a little OCD about not being in control of things).... Wow.

Finished up my cooking this morning. Have made more lists and have mental packed the cooler multiple times. A trip to the dump, then to work to catch up on my project. Have finished laundry and packed my suitcase. (Little did I realize I had to make shampoo and toothpaste because I didn't have enough to last the week). Games packed - oops, can't forget the lawn chairs.... Stuff for July 4th celebrations packed. Now to start packing the car and leaving room for the cooler....

M1: 3 duck eggs cooked in bacon fat, sweet potato veggie hash with frozen mixed veg

M2: grilled chicken leg and thigh, frozen broccoli

M3: (planned) ground beef and sweet potato, probably a handful of macadamia nuts for fat

Am just waiting for the pastor to call me and meet him at this church to hand over my responsibilities there.... Then have to pick up medication refills for DS and I. Hopefully and early night tonight! Tomorrow we are on our way!

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Well, last night, DD and I decided to get some driving time in before going to bed. Once home from church, we made a whirlwind pack up of the food and were on our way. The ground beef got packed. I didn't eat dinner as I was very cramps and bloated. (This has been happening a lot lately - feel great in the morning and as the day goes on, I feel worse and worse....). We drove for 4 1/2 hrs before finding a hotel. Bedtime: 1am.

Despite the late hour, I automatically woke at 619am. I was able to doze off and on til 715 and gave up. We were back on the road. Eating while traveling isn't that hard, just required a lot of prep. We both had breakfast as we left the motel. Later in the day, we stopped at a beautiful rest area and had a picnic lunch. Our gas stop was very quick since we didn't have to go in to buy "snacks". Up until eating lunch, I was feeling great! After lunch I began to have munchies - and realized that it is because road trips are made for mindless snacking on chips, candy, etc. I also realized that I used eating as a way to stay awake. I did buy a can of mixed nuts (no peanuts) at one stop, but only had one sm handful once I realized I really wasn't hungry.

After lunch, the gas and bloating started up again. Despite not feeling well, DD and I went into downtown Nashville to see the country music hall of fame and explore "the strip". With the heat, I really started feeling bad so we caught the shuttle back to the hotel. By the time the shuttle ride was finished and I had cooled down I was feeling better. We are contemplating dinner. DD isn't hungry and I am crampy.... But I know I have to eat something.....

M: 5 SB Guinea eggs, sweet potato hash with veggies and bacon, blueberries

M2: 2 aidells chicken apple sausage, baby carrots, guacamole

Snack: handful of mixed nuts

When we were downtown, I had a weak moment. I went in the store, I sniffed, I smelled, I licked the air.... I wished, I drooled.... Then I realized that I am better than chocolate... And candy apples... And popcorn.... So, I walked out :)

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I love technology! DS is in Nashville for a national testing through the FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America (a high school organization). He was invited to this testing by testing out first in both the regional and state competition. Tonight I was able to watch the award ceremony LIVE to see DS receive a trophy for 8th place!!!! This is one proud momma!

In the meantime, DD and I walked to a local restaurant (Logan's steakhouse) for dinner. Finally feeling a bit better. A dinner that should have been easily compliant didn't turn out that way. I found errant shavings of cheese in my salad and my sweet potato was supposed to only have cinnamon on it but tasted very sweet - like it had sugar in it. *sigh*

After dinner, walking back to the hotel, we stopped to grab a geocache. It is on my bucket list to find one in every state! TN is now checked off!

M3: chopped steak, sweet potato, side salad (squeezed lemon slices w/ pepper for dressing)

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Day 71

The lodge that the family is staying at has no cell service and very limited internet. So - I will try to get things out when I can.

Yesterday was another travel day with breakfast and lunch on the road. Dinner was at the lodge: Italian night. My aunt, who is "semi-w30ing" prepared for Italian night with pans of rich creamy, cheesy pasta. However, she made spaghetti squash with meat sauce for the two of us. Along with a salad (sans dressing) and the black olives I brought along - I think my meal was better than everyone else's :)

Today (if I know my cousin at all, will be filled with fun, sun and outdoor goodness. Can't wait!

The hardest part of this eating plan is seeing how others eat. My whole family has weight and health issues. I just want to grab them all and shake them! One cousin was telling me how she hurt every morning and struggled with tendinitis in her feet. When I tell her about the inflammatory effects of grain and dairy, she just says she is not ready to "give up eating". Another cousin told me about his hernia repair (hernia caused by his weight per the md) and how he is eating better - but watched him tuck into 3 servings of pasta with no salad in site. My 13 yr old cousins (twins) on insulin pumps eating cannolis and adjusting their insulin dosage. I know that this is a vacation, but......I just take a deep breath and say "no thank you" when it is offered to me - tell (when I am asked) about how much better I feel, and lead by example.


M1: 3 hb eggs, banana

M2: sweet potato veggie hash, 5 sb guinea eggs, blueberries

Snack ( driving). Banana

M3: spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce, black olives, salad sans dressing)

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