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4 Days In!


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Hi, everyone!


I just wanted to introduce myself - my name is Sara and I'm on Day 4 of my current (and first!) Whole30 and I actually DON'T want to kill all the things  (Seriously, I'm actually a little worried because I haven't experienced any of the ill-effects of Days 2-4...should I add a big "yet" to that statement?)


My reasons for doing Whole30?  Well, a couple of years ago, I lost 76 pounds through a combinaton of Weight Watchers and working out.  That's also the year I became a runner and four half marathons later...


I'm nearly back where I started. 


Ok, closer to halfway back to where I started, but when I weighed myself the morning of Day 1 (before I promptly hid the scale far far away), the number staring back at me told me that I'd gained back 42 of those pounds that I fought so hard to lose.


Long story short, it's been a pretty hellish (is that okay?) year at work and my personal life really threw me for a (nasty, painful) loop at the beginning of last year and I've been sliding ever since.  And counting calories/points/whatever is just not a way that I can live and maintain.  (Oh, and PS?  I was craving sugar in a way I never have before in my life.)


So, yay Whole30!  I'm really hoping to get my life back in control and work on being better in all sorts of ways.  And I'm so excited to find these forums because a lot of people in my life think I'm absolutely crazy for doing this and aren't the most...supportive.  (These forums have already been a "Whole30 saver", as I've stood in the ailses of MULTIPLE grocery stores and frantically googled "(insert food name here) Whole30" on my iphone.


Anyway, sorry for the intense rambling.  I'm done now!

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