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Preworkout and post workout foods - starting Whole 30 for second time


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I am starting my second whole 30 May 1st.  I did very well on my first whole 30 back in February - lost 10 pounds and felt GREAT.  Why oh why did I go back to eating the way I have eaten for 40 years!  I fell off the wagon.  A snack here, a treat there, and it all went down hill, telling myself "I'll just have bad food every one in a while" which turned into all the time!   I plan to NOT go off it this time as I don't trust myself.  I did fine with processed white carbs, but struggled with sugar.  My body just might take longer to break the sugar addiction.  Anyway, I am a runner, just started a few months ago and ran my first 5 k and plan to keep running and further races now.  What do I eat for a post workout and preworkout? Important to know that  I workout at 5:30 a.m. so cooking a full on meal beforehand is out of the question.

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If you are up very early, you need a new friend called the egg~bake! :0)

Scramble up a BUNCH of eggs, add in any meat/veg. you like and/or compliant

salsa & pour into either a cupcake tin or into a baking dish. (I use a lg.

Pyrex dish for convenient storage for my work week.) Bake at 350 and voila!

You just need to warm up one serving in the morning in the toaster oven while

you get dressed! (I use either coconut or extra virgin olive oil on my dish

before pouring egg mixture in.)

:0) Enjoy!

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So you would actually eat before you work out? I work out at 5:30 as well, just don't see myself eating that early. Could I have breakfast after work out, 7a.m.? What do you thin?

Thank you

In order to get your cortisol on the right track, you'll need to eat within an hour of waking. If you're going straight to workout a hard boiled egg or an egg muffin would work. Then eat Meal 1 after your workout.

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