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Happy Mother's Day to me


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My family and I are starting our Whole30 on Mother's Day.  It just turned out to be the day we picked, but I think it might just be the best gift I ever got.


At 48, I have a list of weenie-sounding ailments, but all together they equal feeling crappy and tired.  As I get older, what was once an occasionally annoying pain has become a regular part of my life.  The pounds are starting to pile on, and are getting harder to lose.  At this rate, I don't want to think about what my energy will be like when I'm 60 - forget about 75. So much for retirement travelling if I don't feel like leaving the house!


Hubby is unhappy with how he feels, and how his bod isn't healing well from the pulls and strains from the recreational baseball and volleyball he loves so much.  He's totally in :)


Meals 1 and 2 (aka breakfast and lunch) are going to be the toughest: I'm up and out the door before hubby and the kids so they will have to lean on each other.  Preparation is going to save the day. 


So wish us luck... here we go!

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