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I'm on day 29 and have been flawless! I'm so pleased with the way I've been feeling and may be a little hesitant about reintroduction because I don't want to stop feeling so well!

However, I hit a little road block this morning. I usually get 1-4 migraines a year that begin with effecting my vision and then the headache, nausea, and other sensitivities follow. Shortly after waking up this morning, my typical migraine symptoms began. I ate breakfast as usual (spaghetti squash soup with ground beef and a few bites of cantaloupe) Things only continued to get worse and by the time I had been at work for an hour, I had to leave. Any thoughts on what this could be? I was so caught off guard and now I'm worried if I react to a food when I begin reintroducing I won't be able to tell if it's a lingering migraine symptom or food reaction.

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Spartygirl - I am on my first W30, day 11, so I can't be of great help. But I suffered a severe Aura Migraine on day 3 of my W30 and am hoping to not encounter it again!


I suffer somewhere between 5-10 migraines a year, I have been prescribed beta blockers to help control the migraines but would like to not have to rely on this medication so am confronting my dietary intake.


I was told dairy was my stressor, so thats gone. I have researched most recently that citric acid can be a cause of migraines? Along with that I find if I spend long periods on the computer/TV, not drinking enough water and not getting any fresh air it effects my migraines. Artifical lighting/strobe lighting etc can also trigger a migraine, and high levels of stress/fatigue....any of these been occuring? 


I have done quite a lot of reading on migraines and although I hoped that a change in diet would have a positive effect, I think due to its neurological link, there are many factors than can contribute to having a migraine that aren't just food.


Perhaps someone can offer advice that I haven't found yet. hope you don't get another migraine anytime soon!

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