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Lulu's Log - Started April 28th


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I was out of town but followed Whole 30 with no excuses or exceptions – the longer I eat like this the more often I think about switching it from 30 to 60 days :wub:  B)  :rolleyes: 


Day 19


My mood was a bit off and the energy wasn't super high but I still powered through my day ;-)


Breakfast : 3 eggs scramble with spinach, ½ avocado, mushrooms and a bit of baked yams, 200ml of Kombucha


Lunch: ½ of broiled salmon steak, spinach and arugula, cherry tomatoes, ¼ avocado


Dinner: crock pot chicken coconut curry , RuWag86, thank you for sharing the link to such a simple and delicious recipe!!!! ( I used whole cut up chicken and 2 cans of light coconut milk,1 can of Thai Kitchen green curry paste – it's a tiny can) …yummmmm so very good!!!


Day 20


Mood good, energy good


Breakfast: a small serving of crock pot chicken coconut curry, 2 fried eggs, arugula, cucumber, 200 ml of Kombucha with added chia seeds


Lunch: wasn't hungry at all and couldn't really force myself to eat so just had a banana and a bottle of Kombucha (480 ml)


Dinner: Still no appetite, so I had another bottle of Kombucha. I always try to guesstimate my daily calorie intake and make sure it doesn't fall below 1200 kcal, but I guess sometimes we really have to listen to our bodies as they know better J


Day 21


Mood great, energy great


Breakfast: 2 eggs frittata with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and 3 paper thin slices of prosciutto ( not sure where other people get bacon that's compliant – Whole Foods didn't have a single bacon option that didn't have sugar added to it :wacko:  ), Persian cucumber, 400 ml of Kombucha.


Lunch: crock pot chicken coconut curry, tomatoes


Dinner: didn't have dinner – wasn't hungry as I had my lunch late


Day 22


Mood great, energy great


Breakfast 3 HB eggs, cherry tomatoes, 200 ml of Kombucha


Lunch: Spinach and crockpot chicken coconut curry, grapefruit


Dinner: Last serving of crockpot chicken coconut curry ( will be making some more soon) with spinach, 2 tiny apricots.


Day 23 (today)


Mood is great, Energy is great


Breakfast: 3 HB eggs, cherry tomatoes, ½ of a small avocado, 200 ml of Kombucha


Lunch: 2 chicken drumsticks, arugula, ¼ of an avocado, grapefruit


Dinner: 2 quails, Brussels sprouts, might have some avocado and a tiny serving of strawberries


Wishing you all a lovely day!!!  :D 

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Day 24 is here! :D


The mood is great, the energy is great!

 I mean i definitely notice other changes in me both physically and mentally but i'll keep all the details for my final report  B)


Breakfast: 3HB eggs, cherry tomatoes, 3/4 of a small avocado, 200 ml of Kombucha :wub:

Lunch : a generous serving of crock pot chicken curry  :P yes i made it again - love it!!! i add 2 cans of coconut milk so there is enough liquid  - serve it in a bowl (over spinach )and voila   - a super delicious and nutritious soup is ready!!!....so yeah...chicken and spinach for lunch


Dinner: Persian cucumber, green bean and beef liver   :rolleyes:  , 200 ml of Kombucha


Cheers!  :)

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Day 25

Mood is great, energy is good  :)


Breakfast: chicken drumstick , persian cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 small avocado, 200 ml of Kombucha


Lunch: chicken curry and spinach, a handful of strawberries


Dinner: TBD


Happy Friday Eve, guys! A long weekend is right ahead of us - yay!!! :D

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Alright....Day 30 is here!!! yay! I've missed a few days in my log but i stayed on track and am definitely moving my challenge to Whole 60!!!

I'd like to thank Melissa and Dough for creating such an amazing program! 


I was originally planning to post my results here after 30 day but i'll probably wait until day 60 :)

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Hello hello :D

 Just wanted to leave a quick note of how i'm doing on my second Whole 30 ( started back to back right after the 1st one was competed)  - it's day 8 and everything is wonderful! I'm staying 100% compliant  - managed to eat out twice  ( both times at the same place called Hugo's...omg if your'e are ever on the Eastside of Seattle and are into organic, gluten free, cow dairy free, minimum to none added sugar and love herbs and unique flavors - PLEASE  check it out - you'll love it!) - had a wonderful brunch and then an amazing dinner a couple days later - the chef is very knowledgeable of different eating styles and is always happy to accommodate his customer's needs! AND no need to worry about cross contamination as the place is all about clean and healthy eating anyways :) 

So....yeah going strong and loving every day of it :)


I wish you guys an awesome week and i'll try to drop by here and there to leave notes about my journey :)


PS: Kombucha is still the love of my life :D  - drink it every day.




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