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Eh, it's not the most horrible thing I've seen written about w30. At least there is talk about changing your long-term relationship with food. But, yikes, gag to making it about instagram hashtags. 

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While part of me shudders at the thought of someone taking what to me is a serious attempt to heal an autoimmune illness and turns it into a slimming diet to feel better about your body in a bikini, I try to look at it this way: if this fad" turns even one person into a healthier, happier paleofied person (weightloss or no weightloss) it's all good.


The weightloss- and bikini talk is just our sneaky way of infiltrating and taking over the world. :ph34r:

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"...not a carb in sight."
"30 days is a long time..."

WOW. Really?! Besides the fact that neither of those statements are even really true, we could poke holes in the rest of that tripe as well. :wacko:

In addition, the author clearly doesn't understand that chronic daily pain is presumably the reason that most of us turn to this (and find GREAT results), not vanity. I've never worn a bikini in my life and I don't care if I ever do. I just want health and happiness, and I truly believe that you can't have one without the other.

I also don't Instagram my food. Almost everything I'm eating is from WF/TCMTG and Melissa's/Dave's photos are far better than the pictures I'd take. ;)

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