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Whole 30 - done and dusted!


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Well I did it, and I'm very very pleased with the results.

I'd been eating Paleo prior to this (probably around 80-90% clean) but I was definitely slipping back into old habits in terms of sugar consumption - my main aim with my Whole 30 was to beat the sugar addiction, and I really feel like I've succeeded. I know now that if I do have a treat that I will do so because I really want it and know it will taste delicious, not because I am hungry/stressed/upset/hormonal/insert excuse here.

Also, a very positive change for me is using words like 'treat' and retiring words like 'naughty' 'good' 'cheat' 'deserve' etc.

I feel like I finally, FINALLY have a healthy relationship with food, after battling with my weight my entire life.

So onto the other stuff (the numbers!):

Weight lost: 3.1 kgs (6.8 lbs), not as much as I thought I would lose given I was going from eating fairly clean to completely clean. However, I'm about halfway through my weightloss journey and the scales are not necessarily a good indicator when you're like me and plateauing every 10 kgs or so.


3 cms (1.1 inches) from my waist

4 cms (1.5 inches) from my hips

2 cms (0.75 inches) from my stomach

1.5 cms (0.55 inches) from my thigh

And yesterday I went shopping because my clothes are all too big. That's probably the most exciting part!

Looking forward to experimenting with reintroduction, not because I want to eat bread or pasta, but I'm particularly interested in seeing exactly what foods affect me detrimentally. My partner and I are travelling to the US in November, and I definitely want to know if I have a serious gluten/dairy intolerance :)

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