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Day 1 of Trying Again, April 28th


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Day 1 of Whole30! I am a lot more ready for this time around than I was last time. I am ready to get strong and stay focused, I have checked out the next 30 days and planned for unexpected things and events that we do have. This is my choice and I am ready, I can't wait to feel good. My husband is going to be with me on this journey of lifestyle change, he isn't following it strictly but is supporting me. 


Breakfast this morning I had the Sunrise Scramble from WellFed cookbook and zucchini soup with some black coffee. My plan for food the rest of the day is meal 2 of bison meat with sauteed peppers and onions with kale and macadamia nuts. I have work out so my pre-wo is chicken and cashews. Dinner is planned cincinnati chili from WellFed with a salad.


Any suggestions for the first day on the meal planning? Or any other suggestions!!




So, that was my plan for the day but it actually changed due to my boss's son coming in town and all of us going out to lunch. I didn't let this change of plan mess up my Whole30 challenge. I went to the restaurant and ordered a burger with no bun and mushrooms, with veggie kebabs. The rest of the day turned out how I had planned. On to day 2....


So far, it has been Sunrise scramble (yummy) and zucchini soup with some coffee. Keep on, keeping on!  ;)

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Thanks!!! I am getting there. I need to get through day 3. I am feeling very tired and it's going to be a super long day. Left the house this morning at 7 and won't be home till about 9 tonight. Whew!


Day 2 went well breakfast I had the sunrise scramble, zucchini soup. Lunch was the Cincinnati chili, olives, carrots and some grapes. My son had a baseball game last night so I had a quick apple before we headed out the door. I hadn't been prepared for that but the apple was right there. For dinner I had Shepherds pie all Whole30 approved with a rainbow salad and cashews.


Day 3 so far has been the same breakfast as yesterday. ( I am falling in love with that breakfast....so good). Lunch I had again Cincinnati Chili with carrots and bell peppers and some macadamia nuts. Haven't gotten to dinner yet. 


I know I am repeating my food for the past couple days but they are all really good and made them in bigger batches so I am going to eat those and then switch it out in a few days. Sweets are very hard to avoid. I am looking at those cookies and sweets after I have dinner and it's calling my name. They look so good! I have to remind myself of my goal and what I want to feel at the end of this. I have always had problems with my stomach but to feel good would be awesome. My goal is to complete the Iron Maiden Fitness Challenge through StrongFirst. 

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