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Ru's Food Log - April 28th Start


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So I just started yesterday, and I think I still need to get a handle of meals, but I ate the same thing yesterday and today. I was just trying to do my best to eat the right foods, that now I think I need to focus on the amounts of everything.


8:30am Breakfast: Black tea, hard-boiled egg, cup of strawberries


12:30pm Lunch: Pineapple salsa chicken (about 3/4 of a chicken breast, baked with 1/4 cup of Newman's Own Organic pineapple salsa), Pearl's to go Olives, and a small handful of cashews.


2:30pm Snack: Black tea and a banana


6:30pm Snack: Hard boiled egg, and some cashews


7:30/8pm Dinner: I sauteed cabbage, stir-fry beef, diced onions with two tablespoons of EVOO and seasoned it all with salt/pepper and minced garlic.


Thanks for any input!

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According to the Newman's Own website, the pineapple salsa is not compliant, as it contains sugar. No restart needed, just don't have it again the rest of your Whole30.


Breakfast and lunch  need more veggies. Aim for 1-3 cups per meal. Your breakfast could also use more protein and is missing fat. When eggs are your protein, the serving size is the number of eggs you can hold in your hand. For most folks, that's at least 2-3 eggs.


My hunch is if you made these changes, you would be less likely to snack later in the day. As you play with your protein/veg/fat portions, if you find yourself genuinely hungry in between meals, have a mini meal that contains a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.

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Thanks for the help!! I really appreciate it.

I had two eggs for breakfast, 5-6 cashews, strawberries, and tea for breakfast. I need to prep tonight to add more vegetables to this meal.

Lunch I packed baked chicken (no salsa, lesson learned!) and a cup of organic green beans, olives to go, and more cashews.

Dinner is going to be later tonight because I have CrossFit at 7pm, but I plan on making this Curry chicken with cauliflower rice for dinner:


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Day 4:

I used a cup of the left over cauliflower rice and scrambled in two eggs, SO good. And I got my veggies in. I also had black tea and strawberries.

Lunch: chicken and a cup of green beans, olives to go and some cashews.

Dinner: a cabbage, ground beef, and onion mix.

And I know I shouldn't have, but I weighed myself, and I'm already down 3lbs!!

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Day 5

Breakfast: cup of Cauliflower rice scrambled with two eggs.

Lunch: Last nights dinner left overs: cabbage, ground beef, onions, & garlic. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dinner: TBD. I'm babysitting tonight to I need to see what's at my sisters house :)

And small victory: I resisted cupcakes last night at my small group gathering!

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Day 6!

Breakfast: 2 eggs with a cup of cauliflower rice. 2 pieces of bacon. And 3 strawberries.

Lunch: 1/4 of an avocado, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and a tablespoon of Annie's organic mustard. And a sweet potato.

Dinner: A crock pot roast with a medley of veggies!

Couple notes: I'm already feeling a ton more energy. I think my husband thinks I'm crazy lol I've been getting up before my alarm! I used to be one of those people that would hit snooze 2 or 3 times.

When I ate my sweet potato- it really tasted sweet! It sounds silly, but I don't know if you guys have ever had the loaded sweet potato from roadhouse, but that was the only way I used to be able to eat it!

I really like how I'm feeling, I've been a little cranky hear and there, but overall, I'm feeling great!

24 days to go!

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Good to see that you're staying strong and not giving in to cravings - whenever I see chocolate I just tell myself ( you won't be cheating the system , instead you'll be cheating yourself ! :)

Best of luck on your journey !

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Day 7!!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cauliflower rice. A few strawberries, and a few olives.

Lunch: went out to eat for the first time, and I did well! Got a steak salad without cheese and potatoes (it's a Pittsburgh thing). I was handed a mint, and I just automatically opened it and put it in my mouth, but I literally spit it out as soon as I realized what I did! It was just seconds. I hope that doesn't require a restart :/

Dinner: sweet potato, beef roast, and some olives.

3 weeks to go!

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Day 8:

Breakfast: two eggs, and a baked sweet potato

Lunch: 1 coconut curry chicken tenderloin, and a cup of cauliflower rice. A half cup of strawberries and a small handful of almonds.

Dinner: roast and a baked sweet potato.


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Day 9!! 21 days to go!


Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs, and half of a baked sweet potato (it was huge, it's the left over from dinner)


Lunch: Coconut curry chicken tenderloin, carrots, a few olives, and some strawberries.


Dinner: Roast with some Sabra salsa (I believe this is Whole30 okay, I double checked the ingredients, and didn't see any sugar), and some broccoli. I haven't added the salsa yet, so if I can't have it, let me know :)


Have a great day everyone!

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Day 10: sick! I have the aches, fever, headache, and a sore throat. I'm trying to eat more, but I called off work and have been in bed basically all day.

Lunch: tea and a few strawberries.

Will try to have some chicken and veggies for dinner.

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Day 11: Still sick.


I barely ate yeserday. I tried eating two small chicken tenderloins, and I got through half of one. I did eat a small handfull of olives too. I'm drinking a lot of water and tea too.


Not sure of the menu yet today. My stomach still feels iffy from trying to eat dinner yesterday.

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Day 12:

Finally starting to feel better.

Lunch: 3 hard boiled eggs, half of a baked sweet potato.

Dinner: grilled chicken salad (no cheese or croutons!) from steak and shake, currently traveling. Couldn't find any dressings that didn't had sugar in them, so I seasoned the salad with salt and pepper. Also had some pineapples.

18 days to go!

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Glad you are feeling better!


I have had many salads with salt and pepper.  Another thing I love to do is to ask for some lemon slices (almost anyplace that serves iced tea is going to have lemon) and squirt some lemon juice over your salad with a little pepper.

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Day 13:

Breakfast at the hotel was lacking. I had two hard boiled eggs and some fruit. There weren't any veggies out.

Lunch: (PJ Welihan's pub) herb encrusted grilled tilapia, steamed mixed vegetables and I replaced the rice with steamed broccoli.

Dinner: SaladWorks. Made a custom salad with roman lettuce, eggs, tomato, olives, grilledchicken, and onions. I used olive oil and salt for the dressing.

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Day 14:

Lunch- two hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, and mixed fruit.

Dinner: seafood salad with oil and vinegar dressing.

Day 15:

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with cauliflower rice

Lunch: half of a baked sweet potato, cup of ground beef, and raw almonds

Dinner: roasted broccoli and a chicken drum stick. Handful of olives.

Day 16:

Breakfast: chicken drumstick and a cup of sliced carrots.

Lunch: chicken drumstick with roasted broccoli

Dinner: Ground sirloin, steamed broccoli, side salad with vinegar an oil.

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Day 17:

Breakfast: chicken drum stick, and some carrots and almonds.

Lunch: Chipotle! Carnitas, lettuce, guacamole, and salsa

Dinner: ground beef, and mixed diced vegetables scrambled with eggs.

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Day 18:

Breakfast and lunch (ate the same thing twice) Two eggs with ground beef and mixed vegetables and half of a sweet potato

Dinner: rotisserie chicken, tressmae lemon dressing, some olives, and mixed veggies.

Finally made it to Whole Foods and bought some Tressmae dressing, a Lara lemon bar, and kombucha!

12 days to go!

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