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What to eat during Ragnar??


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Hi all!! I am on day 4 of my whole30 (and feeling good) but also training for a Ragnar relay (200 mile race overnight). I will be leaving at 4:30 in the morning and riding in a van, unless I am running. I have to run 3 legs for a total of about 18 miles.

So question, I will be on day 16 of my whole30, what do I bring in my van to fuel me???

Thank you for any advice!!!!


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What have you been eating while training? I would stick with something that agrees with you. I will assume you can have a cooler with you?

If it were me I would bring:


Chicken breast

Pre-cooked sweet potatoes



Beef jerky

HB eggs

Carrot sticks and almond butter or coconut butter

I like to have a variety of stuff on the off chance that something just is just not appealing on the day of the event. For example, I love HB eggs but if it is too hot they just don't appeal to me. Also, if it is too hot you want to make sure you are replacing some sodium so the jerky is good and if the others in the van are ok with it....pickles. High in sodium and usually go down pretty easily. for my whole30 I have also cut out nuts and nut butters but if I had an event like you are planning I would probably have some almond butter with me or some macadamia nuts because I know they work well for me.

Just make sure you have things with you that you know go down well and have served you well in training. And make sure you bring more food than you think you need. Better to come home with a cooler full of food than be starving fall off the whole30 wagon (and then get run over by it!). Hunger, much like alcohol, can make us do things we would not do with a clear mind or full stomach!

Oh, and water. You may want to have some sliced lemons, limes and oranges to put in your water if you have trouble with plain water. They can change the taste enough to make it more appealing to many people.

Good luck and if you plan ahead you'll be aces!

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I've ran Hood to Coast a number of times and here are a few general tips:

1) Don't try new foods on race weekend. If you're planning to change things up, test it on yourself ahead of time. If you don't, you might be sorry.

2) Keep it simple. Bring snacks and foods that don't require cooler time. Ice melts and cooler meltwater seems to get into nearly all food containers in my experience.

3) I would avoid bananas after the first leg unless you have a way to keep them cool and plan to dispose of the peels asap. Hot bananas and peels in a stinky, steamy van takes the odor to another level.

Foods that have worked for me include:

Snack / protein bars... Lara Bars and homemade concoctions are W30 compliant.

jerky / pemmican

trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, coconut flakes)

apples, oranges (pretty sturdy friuits)

Many times we will stop at a friend's house or restaurant after the first leg and grab a good meal, saving the snack foods and other stuff for later in the race. In my experience, fueling for these races seems to take care of itself. Just keep it simple and enjoy the experience. :)

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