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Kids sandwiches


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For the most part my kidseat really well, 80% paleo & 95% home cooked meals with the occasional meal out but we are not following a W30 with them.


I'm a little confused and stuck if I'm honest.  A friend of mine (who claims to be paleo) has told me that children need carbs for growth & energy & it's ok to give them pasta, bread etc.  Pasta and bread are probably amongst a few red items that I feel I will never willingly give to my children but she has said there are various grades, i.e. buckwheat bread or spelt is good.  This is where my confusion comes in, I know it's not W30 & I avoid these products generally as they are manufactured but how 'OK' are these?  I mean giving my kids the occasional bread wrap would make life quite a lot easier :lol:


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